Digging A Tunnel (LP)

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Sir Was
Digging A Tunnel (LP)

[ City Slang LP / LP ]

Release Date: Friday 17 March 2017

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"Blending Tame Impala-reminiscent vocals like a beam of light with playful yet melancholy electronic production" - Stereogum

Sir Was' debut full length, Digging A Tunnel, is an album that constantly bucks trends and confounds expectations. Boasting a continually evolving sound that remains nonetheless unified, it comes as close as any record can to defying description.

"It took me 15 years to feel brave enough to do this!" confesses Gothenburg native Joel Wästberg, the guy behind the 'sir Was' alias. "To reach the point where I could let myself do this was a long struggle. But once I felt less scared, it was kind of easy. It just came out, like: 'This is the sound!'" The sir Was "sound" is built around supple grooves, is strangely haunting and yet inexplicably exhilarating, voices ricocheting off one another as they address loneliness, its solution and the requisite compromises.

A jam session of Beck, David Crosby, J Dilla and D'Angelo might not sound much different to this yet unheard style.


In The Midst
A Minor Life
Digging A Tunnel
Heaven Is Here
Leave It Here
Sunsets Sunrises

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