The Endless Mile

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Dead Letter Circus
The Endless Mile

[ Sony / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 12 May 2017

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The Endless Mile celebrates 10 years since their debut self-titled EP with this new record featureing alternate-universe versions of the EP's six songs, plus a few extra tracks picked from their three albums This is the Warning, The Catalyst Fire and Aesthesis.

"We had dabbled a little with acoustically interpreting some of our songs before, but we'd always talked about going deeper and completely rewriting some tracks to see if they could exist in two worlds, but of equal calibre with the same depth of emotion," vocalist Kim Benzie says about the record.

"The ten year anniversary of the EP felt like the perfect opportunity for this, but we decided to expand it out to an album and hand picked a bunch of other songs from across the catalogue."


1. The Mile
2. Lines
3. Disconnect And Apply
4. Are We Closer
5. This Life Awake
6. Alien
7. Here We Divide
8. The Space On The Wall
9. While You Wait
10. Silence
11. One Step