The Sunshine Makers (LP)

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Original Soundtrack / Heliocentrics
The Sunshine Makers (LP)

[ Soundway LP / LP ]

Release Date: Friday 14 July 2017

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Two warriors for peace, a vat of chemicals and an LSD cookbook. What could possibly go wrong?
From the makers of the Academy Award winning Searching For Sugarman, The Sunshine Makers reveals the entertaining, untold story of Nicholas Sand and Tim Scully, the unlikely duo at the heart of 1960s American drug counterculture.

Original score by The Heliocentrics. Limited edition 180g LP in tip-on sleeve.


1. The Sunshine Makers
2. The History Of LSD
3. Pretitle
4. 200 Kilos
5. Sold Out
6. Chase Scene
7. Being Watched
8. Post Reunion
9. The Acid Trial
10. Historic
11. Escape
12. Scene Goes Bad
13. Tim In Prison
14. Uptown Street Scene
15. The Trip (Titles)
16. Owsley Bust Scene
17. The Brotherhood Of Eternal Love
18. Bikers
19. Pretitle (Alternate Version)

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