Invisible Circuits

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Pitch Black
Invisible Circuits

[ Dubmission Records / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 7 July 2017

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Invisible Circuits is remixes of tracks from Pitch Black's 'Filtered Senses' album, featuring collaborators from across the globe.

It has long been a Pitch Black tradition to follow up their studio offerings with a complementary remix collection. So 'Futureproof' was followed by 'Dub Obscura', 'Electronomicon' by 'Electric Earth and Other Stories', 'Ape to Angel' by 'Frequencies Fall' and 'Rude Mechanicals' by 'Rhythm, Sound & Movement'.

What makes these collections stand out is the depth and breadth of their co-conspirators and the unlikely avenues they take the originals down: Keretta's math rock mix of 'Bird Soul', Tom Cosm's epic version of 'Sonic Colonic', or Youth's psychedelic trance take on 'Melt' come to mind.

'Invisible Circuits' is in a similar league, with collaborators from across the globe and across genres. There are turns from regular remixers dubmeister International Observer and minimal's Simon Flower, techno legend Radioactive Man, cult American downtemple act Kaminanda, Rinse & Sub FM regular Crises, sonic whizzkid Tom Cosm, progressive house's Tripswitch, Berlin basshead Beam Up, new kids on the block Digital Playground, and UK dub royalty Alpha Steppa.


1. It's the Future Knocking (International Observer's No Smoking Dub)
2. Invisible Chatter (Kaminanda Remix)
3. Circuit Bent (Radioactive Man Remix)
4. Filtered Senses (Beam Up Remix)
5. Pixel Dust (Crises Remix)
6. A Great Silence is Spreading (peak_shift Remix)
7. Without The Trees (Tom Cosm's Twitch Itch Remix)
8. Dub Smoke (Tripswitch Remix)
9. Invisible Chatter (Digital Playground Remix)
10. It's the Future Knocking (Alpha Steppa Remix)