Scarlatti Sonatas Vol 2

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Scarlatti Sonatas Vol 2
Angela Hewitt (piano)

[ Hyperion / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 29 September 2017

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After the success of Angela Hewitt's first album of Scarlatti sonatas, it is a joy to announce the appearance of a second. As Angela herself writes of this new selection, many fresh to her repertoire, this is 'appealing, unique, dazzling' music- performed here with the greatest of panache.

"Again, she has cleverly organised her selection into satisfying subgroups linked by key and mood. We begin in declamatory mode with the theatrical sonata in D major Kk491 followed by the sultry Iberian flavours of Kk492 and Kk146 and so on." Guardian


1 Sonata in D major Kk491 [5'53]
2 Sonata in D major Kk492 [4'07]
3 Sonata in G major Kk146 [3'39]
4 Sonata in B minor Kk377 [3'16]
5 Sonata in A major Kk24 [4'51]
6 Sonata in E major Kk206 [9'26]
7 Sonata in A major Kk428 [2'01]
8 Sonata in A major Kk429 [4'54]
9 Sonata in G major 'Capriccio' Kk63 [2'16]
10 Sonata in D minor 'Gavota' Kk64 [2'00]
11 Sonata in G minor Kk426 [7'09]
12 Sonata in G major Kk547 [4'16]
13 Sonata in E flat major Kk474 [6'21]
14 Sonata in C minor Kk58 [3'46]
15 Sonata in C major Kk513 [5'31]
16 Sonata in F major Kk82 [2'50]
17 Sonata in F minor Kk481 [6'53]