Mozart: Violin Sonatas Vol 5

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Mozart: Violin Sonatas Vol 5
Alina Ibragimova (violin), Cédric Tiberghien (piano)

[ Hyperion / 2 CD ]

Release Date: Friday 30 March 2018

The fifth and final instalment of this landmark series cements both artists' reputations as two of the leading Mozartians performing today

"f ever a Mozart recording were self-recommending, this is it. The first four volumes of the French-Russian duo's complete sonata cycle came close to my Mozartian ideal. This final instalment, again juxtaposing early, middle and late works, fulfils every expectation. With their seemingly instinctive mutual understanding, the players constantly ensure that there is no whiff of routine in these ingenuous childhood works.... 'A set that will surely become the modern reference recording' wrote David Threasher after Vol 4, a claim I would enthusiastically endorse after this superlative final volume." Gramophone Editor's Choice April 2018

"this release is of superlative quality and perfectly balanced. Alina Ibragimova certainly uses vibrato, but when integrating with the piano part this is often toned-down or relinquished entirely, leaving space for dramatic points to flourish and for moments of utter intimacy to generate their own breathless air of suspense. Ibragimova's vibrato is perfect for my taste, being entirely within the note and a quality of expressive projection rather than a sonic constant or something ever-present and even overly wide. To my ears Alina Ibragimova and Cédric Tiberghein bring us a poetic and playful Mozart that suits the present day very well indeed." MusicWeb May 2018


Violin Sonata in E flat major K380 [24'25]
1 Allegro [9'58]
2 Andante con moto [10'10]
3 Rondeau: Allegro [4'17]

Violin Sonata in A major K12 [8'12]
4 Andante [6'14]
5 Allegro [1'58]

Violin Sonata in G major K11 [10'33]
6 Andante [5'03] 7 Allegro [5'30]

Piano Sonata in B flat major K570 [21'33]
8 Allegro [9'07] 9 Adagio [8'15] bl Allegretto [4'11]

Violin Sonata in E flat major K302 [14'08]
1 Allegro [7'46]
2 Rondeau: Andante grazioso [6'22]

Variations in G major K359 [16'08]
on 'La bergère Célimène'
3 Thema: Allegretto [0'57]
4 Variation I [1'01]
5 Variation II [0'56]
6 Variation III [0'53]
7 Variation IV [0'56]
8 Variation V [0'54]
9 Variation VI [0'58]
10 Variation VII [1'01]
11 Variation VIII [1'12]
12 Variation IX [1'36]
13 Variation X - [0'47]
14 Variation XI: Adagio [3'55]
15 Variation XII ed ultima: Allegro [1'02]

Violin Sonata in A major K526 [25'38]
16 Molto allegro [9'16]
17 Andante [9'16]
18 Presto [7'06]