Putumayo Presents - Ska Around The World

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Various Artists
Putumayo Presents - Ska Around The World

[ Putumayo World Music / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 31 August 2018

From Kingston to St. Petersburg, ska, the forerunner to reggae, continues to inspire musicians and fans in all corners of the planet. Join the party! Featured Artists include Akatz, Chris Murray, The New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble, Orquestra Brasileira de Música Jamaicana, The Pepper Pots, Sarazino, The Skatalites, The St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review, Tula and Zazí.


Orquestra Brasileira de Música Jamaicana - Atlântida (Brazil)
Chris Murray - The Real Ska (Canada)
Akatz - Así Eres Tu (Colombia)
The Skatalites - Glory To The Sound (Jamaica)
Zazí - IJssalon Bernardo (The Netherlands)
The Pepper Pots feat. ASPO - Duck Soup (Spain)
Playing for Change - Chanda Mama (Multiple Countries)
The New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble - Buttah (Instrumental) (USA)
Sarazino - Ecos de Radio Iguana (Algeria) 01:00
St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review - Policy of Truth (Russia)