Suzy Cato Presents The Totally Awesome Kiwi Kids Album

Suzy Cato Presents The Totally Awesome Kiwi Kids Album cover
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Various Artists
Suzy Cato Presents The Totally Awesome Kiwi Kids Album

[ Sony / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 16 November 2018

Children's TV legend Suzy Cato presents 'The Totally Awesome Kiwi Kids Album'.

This unique project brings together 25 incredibly talented Kiwi artists who specialize in children's music.

The album is jam packed with catchy choruses, rich melodies and a great deal of humour to create the perfect Christmas gift for kiwi kids.


1. The Little Things - Captain Festus McBoyle
2. Taniwha, Taniwha - Anika Moa
3. We're All Gonna Have Some Fun - Suzy Cato
4. Do The Woopsie - fleabite
5. The Wonky Donkey - Craig Smith
6. Brushing Teeth Song - Mac's Patch
7. Sprinkle A Little Sunshine - Kath Bee & Suzy Cato
8. A Goat Called Ken - Mr Roberelli
9. If I Was A Fuzzy Buzzy Bumblebee - Chanelle 10. We Like Pets! - Moe & Friends
11. Horsey Horse - Kahuna Kidsongs
12. It's Not A Monster, It's Me! - Raymond McGrath
13. Ship That Sails - Claudia Gunn
14. Dad, I Wanna Be A Camel - Kath Bee
15. Ten Little Kiwi Birds - Itty Bitty Beats
16. Reach Up High -Tofa Tafa - Love To Sing
17. The Wheels On The Bus They Don't Go Round - Levity Beet
18. The Wreck Of The Diddley - Fatcat & Fishface 19. Seatbelt Click - Bryan & Bobby
20. My Old He Played Bugby - Jay Laga'aia
21. The Whistling Song - Anna van Riel
22. I Turned Into A Dinosaur - Judi Cranston
23. In The Summer - The Funky Monkeys
24. I Love Being Me! - Rainbow Rosalind
25. Baby, I Love You - Petite Music Box