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Roger Manins, Ron Samsom, Michel Bénébig, Carl Lockett

[ Rattle Records / CD ]

Release Date: Wednesday 28 November 2018

This project started with the news that jazz organist Michel Bénébig had finally located the legendary San Francisco guitarist, Carl Lockett. Michel had wanted to play with Carl since hearing him play with Jimmy Smith and Jimmy McGriff.

Soul jazz is thought to be a branch of hard bop, which grew out of African-American music(s) such as work songs, the blues, and (in terms of the central role of the organ) has very close links with gospel music. The role of the jazz guitarist in this tradition is profound. The guitarist must be a great soloist but also an exceptional accompanist. Carl Lockett is all of this and more!

Roger Manins (saxophone)
Ron Samsom (drums)
Michel Bénébig (organ)
Carl Lockett (guitar)


1.BB Gun
4.Shuffle ONE (Big Leg Shuffle)
5.Patton 8
6.Gout Foot Shuffle
7.Dog Funk Walking
8.Hungry Pig Shuffle