This Love (LP)

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Bobby Oroza
This Love (LP)

[ Big Crown / LP ]

Release Date: Friday 3 May 2019

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Bobby was born in Helsinki, Finland into a family of musicians and artists where he would be exposed to a wide range of music early on. Frequent family parties at Bobby's were thrown to the sounds of his grandfather playing Latin and Cuban classics on his guitar or to his parents record collection which was full of early jazz and blues, Motown, gospel hits, and doo-wops. The Soul records were balanced out by Brazilian, African, North and South American folk songs, and Nuyorican Salsa albums. All these influences make appearances in Bobby's music.

Bobby pushes the borders of soul and rock balladry and creates a sound distinctly his own. Cold Diamond & Mink provide a pitch perfect collection of lo-fi, low-key classics on which Bobby's smokey tenor floats atop, breaking hearts on some tunes and melting them on others. Maintaining the band's signature dark and intimate aesthetic, they run the gamut of tempos, breaking hearts on some tunes and mending them on others.


Side A:
May, Maybe, Maybe
Your Love Is Too Cold
Alone Again
Falling In Love
Bobby's Mood
Should I Take You Home (on CD only)
Keep On Believing

Side B:
This Love
Lonely Girl
Down On My Knees
Deja Vu
There Can Be No Love

Your Love Is Too Cold