Visceral Realists (LP)

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Bruce Russell & Luke Wood
Visceral Realists (LP)

[ VHF / LP ]

Release Date: Friday 7 June 2019

Debut LP by the New Zealand duo of Bruce Russell (Dead C, Handful of Dust, etc) and Luke Wood.

Visceral Realists is a high-concept commentary on the state of vinyl, analogue recording, music culture, art, etc. A 45-rpm bullet of short bursts of free electric sound, the music here is tactile and rough but not "noise music." Russell and Wood play over loops of scratchy records, with their guitars and electronics surging to get over the wall. Russell's guitar sound from his vintage transistor amp and anti-style is instantly recognizable from countless classic Dead C sides, but the tracks are more painterly than recent DC epics - these are celebratory vignettes of thoughts - singles, if you will.

Originally made as an unfindable edition of 20 by Wood's Ilam Press label to accompany an exhibit of NZ lathe-cut records, this new edition is beautifully packaged in a debossed and letterpress printed sleeve designed by Wood and printed by Stumptown in Portland. Two colour risographs printed by Wood in NZ are tipped onto the jacket, and an additional two inserts provide revelatory notes by Russell and glam shots of the instruments that made the sounds. Also includes download slip.


V1. Via Suez
V2. Bentonia
V3. Large Diaphragm
V4. Custom Castanets
R1. Wake Up Dead Man
R2. Oh Caroline
R3. Etonian
R4. Mobile Index