Voices Of Exuberant Hellhounds (LP)

Voices Of Exuberant Hellhounds (LP) cover
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Hallelujah Picassos
Voices Of Exuberant Hellhounds (LP)

[ 1:12 Records / LP ]

Release Date: Friday 14 June 2019

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Following their reissues in 2011/2012, Hallelujah Picassos returned to the live scene, playing a handful of shows with the likes of Drab Doo Riffs, Bloodbags, Loud Ghost, and Labretta Suede and the Motel 6. The band continued onwards, writing some new music. After a series of singles, the fruits of their labours have finally come together on this LP.

Here then is proudly presented Voices of Exuberant Hellhounds, another chapter in the gospel of Hallelujah Picassos, building their own mythology.

Songs are inspired by Hymns, Psalms, Chants and Mantras with a secular perspective slant and inspiration from certain styles, woven into a twisted narrative with one constant: Rorschach's melancholic vocals.

We have tunes about the Peasants from a Bruegel painting, the sculptures of Xavier Messerschmitt, immigration, and bankers. The album is another example of Interpretive Expressionistic Variationism and should be seen as body of work with dramatically interconnected songs - the aim is to show the album as whole body of work rather than individual songs, with a continuity and a common denominator. Even though they sound different, they are tied together to create a narrative.

The album features the last recordings from the band's drummer Bobbylon, who passed away in May 2018. The album is dedicated to him.


1. Cracked Salvation
2. Salvadore (Miles Away From You)
3. Hang All Bankers / Dirty Suits
4. Ghandi (Father Of The Nation)
5. Black Spade Picasso Core (Community Mix)
6. Happy Smile (Naive In Joy)
7. Gimme Heat (Musings Of An Autocrat)
8. Bullet Chant
9. Welcome Mat For A Stranger
10. Fire Sandpaper Face
11. Voices Of One