35 Years Of Kevin Bloody Wilson

35 Years Of Kevin Bloody Wilson cover
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Kevin Bloody Wilson
35 Years Of Kevin Bloody Wilson

[ Music On Vinyl / 2 CD ]

Release Date: Friday 26 July 2019

Kevin Bloody Wilson is regarded as one of Australia's most popular and most loved adult comedians with a career that spans almost four decades. Kevin is a multi-platinum, ARIA Award winning artist who has recorded songs that have gone on to become part of Australian suburban popular culture. This 2 disc release marks Kevin's 35 years in the business with a selection of some of his biggest songs performed in Kevin's own irreverent style.


2. This One's Just For You
3. Manuel The Bandito
4. Grandad's Got A Bone
5. Hey Santa Claus
6. The Queue To The Cemetery
7. You Can't Say C**t in Canada
8. Missing You
9. Santa Claus Wasn't Goin' To Town
10. It Was Over (Kev's Lament)
11. The Greek Wedding
12. Pussy Tricks
13. Silent Wife
14. The Kid (He Swears A Bit)
15. Kev's Wedding Waltz
16. She's A Good'n
17. Ollie & Olga
18. Nigel F**kin Legend

1. Dilligaf
2. DIY Me Too
3. Kev's Courtin' Song (Do You F**k On First Dates)
4. Dingle Berries
5. Absolute C**t Of A Day
6. The Featherbrain Championship
7. The Bali Belly Song
8. Dickins Cider
9. Livin' Next Door To Alan
10. The Local
11. The Dicktaphone
12. You Can't Call Me Kev Anymore
13. Supa Mega Fugly
14. Nigel and Wilma
15. If It Flies , Floats Or Fucks
16. She's The Sorta Sheila
17. Ol' Roy The Roota