Headshots: Se7en (LP)

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Headshots: Se7en (LP)

[ ADA / Warner / 3 LP ]

Release Date: Friday 18 October 2019

Recorded between 1997-1999, Headshots: Se7en was initially released on cassette only as a contribution to Rhymesayers' infamous "Headshots" tapes, a series of cassettes featuring 4-track recordings from all the various artists in the crew at the time. Each volume of the series was produced in limited quantities so, as the crew built their reputation, the tapes grew in popularity and soon became sought-after collectibles. In the early 00's, fans were regularly buying and selling the original cassettes on eBay for upwards of $100 each.

In total, seven volumes of these Headshots tapes were produced throughout the '90s, with Se7en being the first to deviate from the compilation format of the series. Rather than featuring songs from all the various crew members, Headshots: Se7en featured 21 new tracks from Atmosphere only and, at first listen, it was obvious to fans and critics the two were pulling out all the stops. Slug was experimenting further with rhyme patterns and taking on various persona, while Ant was crafting more colourful instrumentation for the backdrops. In hindsight it's easy to see how Headshots: Se7en helped lay the foundation for what was to become a long and storied career.

In celebration of its original release 20 years ago, this legendary project is now available on limited cream & black colour-in-colour vinyl!


A1. Sep Seven Game Show Theme
A2. Round and Round
A3. Tracksmart (feat. Mr. Gene Poole)
B1. Choking On The Wishbone
B2. The Jackpot
Swept Away
B3. At It Again
B4. The Stick Up (feat. Eyedea)
C1. Lyle Lovette
C2. Higher Learning
C3. To The Break Of Sean
D1. Deer Wolf
D2. Molly Cool
D3. Dungeons and Dragons (feat. Musab)
E1. Anterlude
E2. Advanced Communications
E3. A Tall Seven and Seven
E4. 3.2 Red Dog
E5. The Abusing of The Rib
F1. Write Now (Multiples No. 4)
F2. I Wish Those Cats At Fobia Would Give
F3. Heart