Pig Man Lives, Volume 1: Demos 2007-2017

Pig Man Lives, Volume 1: Demos 2007-2017 cover
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Ty Segall
Pig Man Lives, Volume 1: Demos 2007-2017

[ Drag City / 4 Vinyl Box Set ]

Release Date: Friday 6 December 2019

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A stack of raw germs designed by Ty Segall to be blown up in the world! In other words, scads of the demos that bred Manipulator, Freedom's Goblin, Emotional Mugger, Twins, Ty Segall, Slaughterhouse and Sleeper, shuffled in non-linear reorientation; a whole body of work exploding over and over again with the freedom of first birth. Even the freaks are gonna feel different after any kind of time spent with Pig Man. Big pink box, poster included!


A1. Squealer
A2. Don't You Want To Know
A3. The Magazine
A4. Take Care To Comb Your Hair
A5. Mister Main
A6. Feel
B1. Green Belly
B2. Breakfast Eggs
B3. Manipulator
B4. Papers
B5. Song Number 12
B6. My Lady's On Fire
C1. Diversion
C2. Tall Man Skinny Lady
C3. Orange Color Queen
C4. Fanny Dog
C5. Meaning
C6. She Don't Care
D1. The Fakir
D2. Untitled #6
D3. Who's Producing You
D4. Stick Around
D5. You're The Doctor
D6. California Hills
E1. Warm Hands
E2. Break A Guitar 2
E3. Every 1's A Winner
E4. Candy Man
E5. Handglams
F1. It's Over
F2. Golden One (Only One)
F3. Pan
F4. Alta
F5. The Singer
F6. The Hills
G1. Thank God For The Sinners
G2. Shoot You Up
G3. The Feels
G4. Connection
G5. Thank You Mr. Kane
G6. When Mommy Kills You
H1. She
H2. Slaughterhouse
H3. Sue Thumb
H4. Talkin' 'Bout Yourself
H5. 5 Feet Tall