Heart Of A Dog

Heart Of A Dog cover
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Laurie Anderson
Heart Of A Dog

[ Nonesuch / Warner / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 6 December 2019

The complete soundtrack recording of Laurie Anderson's Heart of a Dog.

Anderson was commissioned by the European TV network Arte to create a feature film - her first in 30 years. Her response was a personal essay entitled Heart of a Dog, a work encompassing joy and heartbreak and remembering and forgetting, at the heart of which is a lament for her late beloved dog Lolabelle.

In addition to Anderson's inimitably thoughtful narration, Heart of a Dog includes musical excerpts from several of her pieces - "The Lake" and "Flow" from Homeland (2010), "Beautiful Pea Green Boat" from Bright Red (1994), "Rhumba Club" from Life on a String (2001), excerpts from Landfall (2011) with Kronos Quartet - as well as the film's closing song "Turning Time Around", written and performed by Anderson's late husband, Lou Reed.


1. The Lake (Instrumental)
2. Birth of Lola
3. Tell All the Animals
4. From the Air
5. Phosphenes
6. Lola Goes Blind
7. Iron Mountain
8. How to Feel Sad Without Being Sad
9. The West Village
10. Life Lived Backwards
11. The Cloud
12. A Different World
13. What If the Sky Froze?
14. Piano Lessons
15. Animals Are Like People
16. The Release of Love
17. Three Ghosts
18. The Bardo
19. The Real World
20. Dreaming of Life Before Birth
21. A Story About a Story
22. Flow
23. Facebook
24. Bring Her Some Flowers
25. The Mother Meditation
26. The Lake (Vocal Version)
27. Turning Time Around - By Lou Reed