Watch This Liquid Pour Itself

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Okay Kaya
Watch This Liquid Pour Itself

[ Jagjaguwar / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 24 January 2020

In Okay Kaya songs, her world looks a lot like ours - Netflix, jetlag, vegan peanut butter and chocolate ice cream, lonely bowls of ramen, diet trends. But unlike ours, each of these vibrates and shimmers with deeper, darker meaning, with existential dread and desire for understanding. Through Norwegian-raised New Yorker Kaya's dreamy soft-focus lens, the language of Twitter memes becomes modernist poetry as her breathy contralto voice sings lines like, "If you don't love me at my guttural sound, you don't deserve me at my guttural sound". This is Sade for nihilists.

Collaboration is central to Kaya's creative process. Although she remains at the centre of her artistic process, and recorded most of Watch This Liquid Pour Itself herself, she also collaborated with producers Jacob Portrait (UMO, Whitney, (Sandy) Alex G) and John Carroll Kirby (Solange, Kali Uchis) to fully realize her ideas for how this record should sound.


1. Baby Little Tween
2. Ascend and Try Again
3. Insert Generic Name
4. Overstimulated
5. Psych Ward
6. Guttural Sounds
7. Asexual Wellbeing
8. Popcorn Heart
9. Mother Natures Bitch
10. Hallelu Ya Hallelu Me
11. Symbiosis
12. Givenupitis
13. Helsevesen
14. Stonethrow
15. Zero Interaction Ramen Bar

Asexual Wellbeing