The Complete Collection (LP)

The Complete Collection (LP) cover
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The Complete Collection (LP)

[ Castle Face / 3 LP ]

Release Date: Friday 6 March 2020

Three thick LPs of hot jellied kraut-prog heavies presented on coloured vinyl!

Disc 1 "Live at Sunrise Studios" was recorded in 1974 at Sunrise Studios, originally released in 1976 by Sunrise Records.

Disc 2 "Live at Sunrise Studios Outtakes" was recorded in 1976 at Sunrise Studios, except "Two Souls In Space" and "Feelings Without Name" recorded in 1972, and contains songs
originally released on CD by Black Rills Records in 1999.

Disc 3 "Previously Unreleased" has never been released. "Mad Circus Part 1" and "Generator Part of Water" were recorded in 1972 at Sekundarschule Schönau in St. Gallen. "Mad Circus Part 2", "Acid", "Laki's Head", "Take It Easy", "Our Power", and "The Fool" were recorded in 1976 at Jugendkeller Schaffhausen.


A1. Paradise Engineering
A2. Posmean
A3. Experience Machines
B1. Gradients Of Bliss
B2. Hedonic Treadmill
C1. Models Of Wellbeing
C2. Utility
D1. Wireheading
D2. Die-Hards Of The Darwinian Order