Morgen: Songs For Cello & Piano

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Morgen: Songs For Cello & Piano
Andrew Joyce (cello), Rae de Lisle (piano)

[ Atoll Records / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 28 February 2020

"The purpose of transcriptions has never been to "improve" the original, nor has it been to stimulate an identical effect. It can only be likended to a painter putting on canvas the same tray of fruits, or the same landscape, that others before him have painted. The subject therefore may be identical, but each artist's approach is different, conditioned by his brush, eyes and creative personality." - Joanos Starker 1960

This is a special album for Rae de Lisle, who has created it with her son-in law Andrew (NZSO's Principal Cello) and daughter Julia (Principal Viola with the NZSO).

"As well as a sharing of music with my own family, this CD has been something of a land mark in my personal story. Twenty five years ago I suffered a massive overuse injury, and the chronic pain that followed was to end my busy career as a concert pianist....

During some down time following a brush with cancer three years ago, I started to play a little, and my wonderful son-in-law Andrew suggested that perhaps we could make a CD together. For many years he had wanted to explore song transcriptions, and this repertoire appealed to me as a reasonable goal. Brain research has progressed immeasurably in the last twenty years, and I now realised that all my previous treatments were based on symptoms; my pain moved around, and the practitioners would simply treat each location in turn. This was not the problem, and recent research has shown that chronic pain is due to a malfunctioning in the brain. Through my PhD research, I had learnt about the necessity of retraining the technique to find new neural pathways in order to overcome focal dystonia. Chronic pain is no different. I had to retrain my brain...

The body doesn't forget, even after all this time, and the memory associated with sitting at the piano was still there. Working towards the recording of this CD was not without flare-ups. However, my new knowledge helped me to understand and divert this reaction, so that after some months I was able to enjoy the recording days and emerge without significant problems. The joy of being able to make music again was overwhelming." - Rae de Lisle June 2019


Johannes Brahms
1. Liebestreu, Op 3 No.1 2:00
2. Minnelied, Op 71 No.5 2:43
3. "Immer leise wird mein Schlummer", Op.105 No.2 3:44
4. "Wie melodien zieht es mir leise durch den Sinn", Op 105 No.1 1:50
5. Sapphische Ode, Op 94 No.4 2:00
6. Feldeinsamkeit, Op 86 No.2 3:20
7. Wiegenlied, Op 49 No.4 1:50

Antonin Dvoƙák
8. "Als die alte Mutter", ("Songs My Mother Taught Me"), Op.55 No.4 2:24
9. "Lasst mich allein", Op. 82 No.1 4:40

Reynaldo Hahn
10. L'heure exquise 2:24
11. A Chloris 3:06

Gabriel Fauré
12. Après un rêve, Op.7 No.1, 3:10

Robert Schumann
13. Widmung, Op.25 No.1 2:21
14. Du bist wie eine Blume, Op.25 No.24 1:50
15. Mondnacht, Op.39 No.5 3:33

Johannes Brahms Zwei Gesänge, Op.91,
16. Gestillte Sehnsucht* 6:26
17. Geistliches Wiegenlied* 5:12

Erich Korngold
18. Glück, das mir verblieb, (Marietta's lied) 5:55

Franz Schubert
19. Du bist die Ruh, Op.59 No.3 3:50
20. Nacht und Träume, Op.43 No.2 3:40

Alfredo Catalani
21 Ebben? Ne andro lontana. 3:29

Richard Strauss
22 Morgen, Op.27 No.4* 3:3

*with Julia Joyce viola