Behzod Abduraimov - Debussy - Chopin - Mussorgsky

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Behzod Abduraimov - Debussy - Chopin - Mussorgsky
Behzod Abduraimov (piano)

[ Alpha Classics / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 29 January 2021

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Behzod Abduraimov joins Alpha for several recordings, starting with this 'kaleidoscope of miniatures' - miniatures that are in fact fairly gigantic, and showcase the Uzbek pianist's extreme virtuosity and sensitivity. 'Each movement is in itself a miniature, and taken together they form a kaleidoscope of human emotions and images of all kinds', says Behzod Abduraimov. In his view, the pieces in Debussy's Children's Corner are not intended for young piano students, but 'for adults, so that they can immerse themselves in the world of children with a little nostalgia and a lot of humour'. When it comes to Chopin, 'each prelude has a different musical essence, creates its own atmosphere. Together they form an arc spanning the distance from the first prelude to the last. So I tried to consider them as a whole'. Finally, Mussorgsky evokes in ten highly expressive movements the paintings at an exhibition held in posthumous tribute to his friend Viktor Hartmann. A 'Promenade' heard
several times suggests Mussorgsky himself strolling through the exhibition. For Behzod Abduraimov, 'the "Promenades" play a key role in this cycle: they create the atmosphere before each painting'. Born in 1990, a protégé of Valery Gergiev under whose direction he has already recorded with the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra and (during the 2016 BBC Proms) the Munich Philharmonic, Behzod Abduraimov is one of the most promising pianists of his generation.

GRAMOPHONE Award Nomination 2021 - Piano

"Each 'picture' in the gallery unfolds its own enticing universe, vividly elucidated by the most genial and compelling of tour guides...Abduraimov's visionary interpretation is on a par with the very finest. His secret ingredient is an acute awareness of orchestral colours (not necessarily from Ravel) and an ability constantly to vary timbre and texture without damaging the natural flow...All in all, a serious candidate for a benchmark recording, capping a most distinguished recital." Gramophone Editor's Choice January 2021

"Abduraimov's programme seems designed to display the Tashkent-born pianist's versatility. Ringing, generously pedalled sounds, rich in harmonics, and a fleetness and precision of execution characterise his account of Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition." Sunday Times


CLAUDE DEBUSSY (1862-1918)
children's corner

1. I. Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum
2. II. Jimbo's Lullaby
3 III. Serenade for the Doll
4. IV. The Snow Is Dancing
5. V. The Little Shepherd
6. VI. Golliwog's Cake-walk

Fréderic CHOPIN (1810-1849)
24 preludes, op.28
7. No.1 in C Major - Agitato
8. No.2 in A Minor - Lento
9. No.3 in G Major - Vivace
10. No.4 in E Minor - Largo
11. No.5 in D Major - Allegro Molto
12. No.6 in B Minor - Lento Assai
13. No.7 in A Major - Andantino
14. No.8 in F Sharp Minor - Molto Agitato
15. No.9 in E Major - Largo
16. No.10 in C Sharp Minor - Allegro Molto
17. No.11 in B Major - Vivace
18. No.12 in G Sharp Minor - Presto
19. No.13 in F Sharp Major - Lento
20. No.14 in E Flat Minor - Allegro
21. No.15 in D Flat Major - Sostenuto
22. No.16 in B Flat Minor - Presto Con Fuoco
23. No.17 in A Flat Major - Allegretto
24. No.18 in F Minor - Allegro Molto
25. No.19 in E Flat Major - Vivace
26. No.20 in C Minor - Largo
27. No.21 in B Flat Major - Cantabile
28. No.22 in G Minor - Molto Agitato
29. No.23 in F Major - Moderato
30. No.24 in D Minor - Allegro Appassionato

MUSSORGSKY (1839-1881)
pictures at an exhibition
31. Promenade I
32. 1. Gnomus
33. Promenade II
34. 2. Il Vecchio Castello
35. Promenade III
36. 3. Tuileries (Dispute d'enfants après jeux)
37. 4. Bydło
38. Promenade IV
39. 5. Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks
40. 6. Samuel » Goldenberg und « Schmuÿle
41. 7. Limoges, le marché (La grande nouvelle)
42. 8. Catacombae (Sepulcrum romanum)
43. 9. The Hut on Fowl's Legs (Baba-Yagá)
44. 10. The Great Gate of Kiev

'Debussy, Chopin, Mussorgsky' By Behzod Abduraimov