2020 (LP)

2020 (LP) cover
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Available: Mar 5
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Magik Markers
2020 (LP)

[ Drag City / LP ]

Release Date: Friday 5 March 2021

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2020! Now it can be told: the charade of a world without new MAGIK MARKERS records (six-plus years!) has finally ended.

In these times of contagion fables and hacky blockbuster N95 disaster imagery IRL, MARKERS emerge again like three Lazarus from their three individual firmaments, just in the nick of the end of time. Never doctrinaire, on 2020, MARKERS capture a humid kind of chlorinated heat, playing like children of divorce at the condominium pool: strangers feeling out games to play, contests to have underwater, blowing by minutes without noticing at all. There is no more contemporary, they say, only emergency.

So, here we are with results, the murky and public airing of songs, improvised and planned. Like damp concrete made up of the collected wet footprints of every single night since last we heard these MAGIK MARKERS. The results are amazing, sometimes, dare it be said: magical.


1. Surf's Up
2. Find You Ride
3. That Dream (Shitty Beach)
4. Born Dead
5. You Can Find Me
6. Hymn for 2020
7. Swole Sad Tic
9. Quarry (If You Dive)