Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround, Pt. 1 (Deluxe CD)

Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround, Pt. 1 (Deluxe CD) cover
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The Kinks
Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround, Pt. 1 (Deluxe CD)

[ ADA / Warner / 2 CD ]

Release Date: Friday 11 December 2020

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Kinks - Lola versus Powerman and The Moneygoround, Part One, commonly abbreviated to Lola Versus Powerman, or just Lola, is the eighth studio album by British rock band the Kinks, recorded and released in 1970. A concept album, it is a satirical appraisal of the music industry, including song publishers, unions, the press, accountants, business managers, and life on the road.

Although it appeared during a transitional period for the Kinks, Lola Versus Powerman was a success both critically and commercially for the group, charting in the Top 40 in America and helping restore them in the public eye, making it a "comeback" album. It contained two hit singles: 'Lola', which reached the #9 US, #2 UK and Germany - becoming the Kinks' biggest success since 'Sunny Afternoon' in 1966 - and 'Apeman', which peaked at #5 in the UK and Germany. The track 'Lola', written by Ray Davies, allegedly details a romantic encounter between a young man and a possible trans-gender person whom he meets in a club in Soho, London.

Deluxe 2CD: Contains the original album new remaster from original HD master tapes plus alternate mono / stereo versions & mixes, new remixes, live and film tracks. Extended booklet with comprehensive notes, new band quotes, rare photos & memorabilia.


01. The Contenders (2020 Stereo Remaster)
02. Strangers (2020 Stereo Remaster)
03. Denmark Street (2020 Stereo Remaster)
04. Get Back in Line (2020 Stereo Remaster)
05. Lola (2020 Stereo Remaster)
06. Top of the Pops (2020 Stereo Remaster)
07. The Moneygoround (2020 Stereo Remaster)
08. This Time Tomorrow (2020 Stereo Remaster)
09. A Long Way from Home (2020 Stereo Remaster)
10. Rats (2020 Stereo Remaster)
11. Apeman (2020 Stereo Remaster)
12. Powerman (2020 Stereo Remaster)
13. Got to Be Free (2020 Stereo Remaster)
14. Lola (Mono Single Mix) (2020 Remaster)
15. Apeman (UK Mono Single Mix) (2020 Remaster)
16. Rats (Mono Single Mix) (2020 Remaster)
17. Powerman (Mono Mix) (2020 Remaster)
18. Apeman (Alternate Version, Stereo) (2020 Remaster)

01. The Contenders (Instrumental Demo) [2020 Remaster]
02. Strangers (2020 Stereo Remaster)
03. Anytime (2020 Remaster)
04. The Good Life (2012 Alternate Mix)
05. Get Back in Line (Live Version) [2020 Remaster]
06. Lola (Stereo) [2020 Remaster] (By Ray Davies & Band, The Danish National Chamber Orchestra & The Danish National Vocal Ensemble)
07. Top of the Pops (2020 Mix) (2020 Remaster)
08. The Moneygoround (Alternate Version, Mono) (2020 Remaster)
09. This Time Tomorrow (Alternate Take, 2020 Mix) [2020 Remaster]
10. A Long Way from Home (Live, Austin City Limits, 2006) [2020 Remaster]
11. Rats (2020 Mix) [2020 Remaster]
12. Apeman (US Mono Single Mix) (2020 Remaster)
13. Powerman (2020 Mix) [2020 Remaster]
14. Marathon (Edit, from The Long Distance Piano Player) (2020 Remaster)
15. Got to Be Free (Edit from The Long Distance Piano Player) [2020 Remaster]