Strictly For All Ages - Complete Recordings, 1959-1962

Strictly For All Ages - Complete Recordings, 1959-1962 cover
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Paddy Roberts
Strictly For All Ages - Complete Recordings, 1959-1962

[ Jasmine / 2 CD ]

Release Date: Friday 8 January 2021

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A prolific pop songwriter of the pre-rock 'n' roll 1950s with hits by Max Bygraves, David Whitfield, Anne Shelton and Ruby Murray (and many more) to his credit, Paddy Roberts became an unlikely recording artist in his own right at the end of the 1950s at the instigation of a friend who worked for a record label.

Delivered in a style described in the sleeve note as 'a cross between Noel Coward and Eartha Kitt', Roberts own pithy, humorous and frequently risqué material was 'Strictly For Grown Ups' rather than the teenagers who bought pop singles. Nevertheless it didn't stop it from receiving the kind of radio play that led to strong album and EP sales. Paddy even had a 'turntable hit' with 'The Ballad Of Bethnal Green' a cheeky number that frequently found its way onto all manner of BBC radio shows - even 'Children's Favourites'!

This Jasmine collection brings together everything Paddy recorded between late 1958 and late 1962 - three full length albums, an EP and a brace of non-album 45s. Some of this has been issued on CD before but the vast majority of it has not. A more comprehensive collection of his work from those years could not be possible. As always, the collection is remastered from the best possible sources and features a comprehensive biography of Paddy in the booklet.

Pop music has evolved and changed considerably in the 60+ years since the earliest of these recordings were committed to tape, but the wit of Paddy Roberts' charming, cheeky catalogue has not dimmed even slightly in that time, and what was once 'For Grown Ups' is now 'Strictly For All Ages'!


Disc 1

1. Love Isn't What It Used To Be
2. Follow Me
3. Don't Upset The Little Kiddie-winks
4. The Architect
5. The Big Dee Jay
6. L'anglais Avec Son Sang Froid
7. The Ballad Of Bethnal Green
8. Love In A Mist
9. A Short Song
10. Growing Old
11. I've Got The Blues
12. Lavender Cowboy
13. Poor Little Country Girl
14. Let Me Introduce The Boys
15. I Gave My Love A Cherry
16. You're A Square
17. We've Never Had It So Good
18. I Wanna Go Home
19. The Belle Of Barking Creek
20. Why Did It All Begin?
21. An Awful Lot Of Bull
22. I Love Mary
23. The Pie-eyed Piper
24. Tattooed Lady
25. We've Got To Thank Columbus
26. What's All This Fuss About Love?

Disc 2

1. Introduction By Noel Harrison/a Short Song
2. At The Blue Angel
3. Love Is A Wonderful Thing
4. Our Little Village
5. You'll Always Find A Drunk
6. Women
7. Send For Me/love Is A Wonderful Thing (Reprise)
8. French Song
9. The Rabbi And The Priest
10. Medley: Horsey Horsey/softly Softly/lay Down Your Arms
11. The Ballad Of Bethnal Green
12. I Remember Tilly
13. Dad's Song
14. Follow Me
15. Auntie Bridget
16. Our Little Village (Studio Version)
17. I Remember Tilly (Studio Version)
18. The Rabbi And The Priest (Studio Version)
19. Love Is A Wonderful Thing (Studio Version)
20. Send For Me (Studio Version)
21. Merry Christmas You Suckers
22. Got An Idea