Leave Love Out Of This

Leave Love Out Of This cover
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Anthonie Tonnon
Leave Love Out Of This

[ Slow Time Records / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 16 July 2021

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Anthonie Tonnon produced Leave Love Out Of This with long-time collaborator, and The Beths' guitarist and producer, Jonathan Pearce. Tonnon wrote the bulk of the songs during an extensive period of touring after the release of Successor - a period where Tonnon performed with Nadia Reid in Europe, The Veils in the USA, and The Chills, The Phoenix Foundation and Don McGlashan in New Zealand. The pair workshopped songs between tours, often recording new parts as the live versions developed.

Tonnon and Pearce recorded between 2017 and 2020, and in that time, Tonnon's practise evolved heavily. He incorporated new technology into his set, including the Wellington-designed Synthstrom Deluge, which allowed him to adapt his set for new performance environments - Art Galleries, Museums, even New Zealand Fashion Week. He took that technology further when he collaborated with the Otago Museum on the immersive show for Planetariums, A Synthesized Universe, which travelled to Arts Festivals around New Zealand in 2019.

After Tonnon moved to Whanganui, and Pearce toured almost constantly after the success of the first album from the The Beths, the pair conducted their collaboration over distance, but with key sessions at Pearce's Karangahape Road studio, including drums and bass with long time band members Stuart Harwood and David Flyger, a string quartet led by Charmian Keay and arranged by Matthew Bodman, and additional drums with Tristan Deck.

- CD is in an 80% recycled card package.


1. Entertainment
2. Two Free Hands
3. Old Images
4. Leave Love Out Of This
5. When I'm Wrong
6. Christopher
7. Peacetime Orders
8. Mataura Paper Mill