Hildegard von Bingen - Vespers from Her Abbey

Hildegard von Bingen - Vespers from Her Abbey cover
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Hildegard von Bingen - Vespers from Her Abbey
Benedictine Nuns of St.Hildegard, Eibingen

[ ALTO / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 4 June 2021

"Here, at last, is Hildegard sung by Benedictine nuns…living the same life, breathing the same air, and trying to capture the spirit of their great predecessor … they represent really lovely, rather unusual tones, beautifully sung, and with understanding" (© Gramophone)

"it seems to me absolutely to catch the spirit of her music: this Vespers disc, sung by the nuns of the Abbey of St Hildegard in Eibingen. (Gramophone Critics' choice 1998)


1. Opening Verse "Deus in Auditorium" 1:02
2. 1st Antiphon: "O aeterne Deus" with Psalm 109/110 6:24
3. 2nd Antiphon: "Spiritus Sanctus" with Psalm 110/111 7:53
4. 3rd Antiphon: "O magne Pater" with Psalm 129/130 7:42
5. 4th Antiphon: "Caritas abundat" with Psalm 130/131 5:23
6. Lesson: Revelations 21, 1-5 1:50
7. Responsory "O vis aeternitatis" 6:08
8. Sequence: "O ignis Spiritus Paracliti" 5:46
9. Magnificat Antiphon: "O quam mirabilis", Magnificat 8:14
10. Closing Prayers: Kyrie & Pater noster 2:29
11. Sequence: To St. Disibod: "O praesul verae civitatis" 6:49
12. Sequence: To St. Rupert: "O Ierusalem, aurea civitas" 9:38