Jennings / Faure: The Earth Child

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Jennings / Faure: The Earth Child
Natasha Te Rupe-Wilson (soprano), Somi Kim (piano)

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Release Date: Friday 6 January 2023

A release in remembrance of Katherine Mansfield, whose death occurred in Paris on January 9, 1923. The album is a flowing musical tribute to her memory. It includes the world premier recording of settings of her poems by Jennings; a ravishing work by Fauré, a Parisienne contemporary of Katherine Mansfield; and Jennings' settings of Ursula Bethell's whimsical poems about gardens.

":Several albums vied this year for the title of best local release, but this selection of songs - recorded to mark 100 years since Katherine Mansfield's death - tops the lot. Hamiltonian Janet Jennings is a fine writer for voices, and her setting of five Mansfield poems gets its world premiere here, accompanied by the same composer's previously recorded Sit Down With Me Awhile and Fauré's La chanson d'Ève. Natasha Te Rupe Wilson makes sensitive work of all three, and her performances suggest that while we have many fine singers, she may be the one who has taken the biggest artistic step up in recent years. Wilson's association with NZTrio pianist Somi Kim goes back to their high school days, and you can hear that intuitive connection in tracks like Jennings' 'The Opal Dream Cave'." Richard Betts NZ Listener 2023


The Earth Child: The Earth-Child in the Grass
The Earth Child: The Opal Dream Cave
The Earth Child: Very Early Spring
The Earth Child: A little wind crept round the house
The Earth Child: There Was a Child Once

La chanson d'Ève: Paradis - Paradise
La chanson d'Ève: Prima verba - The first words
La chanson d'Ève: Roses ardentes - Smouldering roses
La chanson d'Ève: Comme Dieu rayonne - How God shines forth
La chanson d'Ève: L'aube blanche - The White Dawn
La chanson d'Ève: Eau vivante - Living water
La chanson d'Ève: Veilles-tu, ma senteur de soleil - Be watchful, my sense of sunlight
La chanson d'Ève: Dans un parfum de roses blanches - In a fragrance of white roses
La chanson d'Ève: Crépuscule - Twilight
La chanson d'Ève: Ô mort, poussière d'étoiles - O death, dust of stars

Sit Down With Me Awhile: Sit Down With Me Awhile
Sit Down With Me Awhile: Warfare
Sit Down With Me Awhile: Ado
Sit Down With Me Awhile: Homage
Sit Down With Me Awhile: Easter Bells