Jennings / Faure: The Earth Child

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Jennings / Faure: The Earth Child
Natasha Te Rupe-Wilson (soprano), Somi Kim (piano)

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Release Date: Friday 6 January 2023

A release in remembrance of Katherine Mansfield, whose death occurred in Paris on January 9, 1923. The album is a flowing musical tribute to her memory. It includes the world premier recording of settings of her poems by Jennings; a ravishing work by Fauré, a Parisienne contemporary of Katherine Mansfield; and Jennings' settings of Ursula Bethell's whimsical poems about gardens.


The Earth Child: The Earth-Child in the Grass
The Earth Child: The Opal Dream Cave
The Earth Child: Very Early Spring
The Earth Child: A little wind crept round the house
The Earth Child: There Was a Child Once

La chanson d'Ève: Paradis - Paradise
La chanson d'Ève: Prima verba - The first words
La chanson d'Ève: Roses ardentes - Smouldering roses
La chanson d'Ève: Comme Dieu rayonne - How God shines forth
La chanson d'Ève: L'aube blanche - The White Dawn
La chanson d'Ève: Eau vivante - Living water
La chanson d'Ève: Veilles-tu, ma senteur de soleil - Be watchful, my sense of sunlight
La chanson d'Ève: Dans un parfum de roses blanches - In a fragrance of white roses
La chanson d'Ève: Crépuscule - Twilight
La chanson d'Ève: Ô mort, poussière d'étoiles - O death, dust of stars

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Sit Down With Me Awhile: Warfare
Sit Down With Me Awhile: Ado
Sit Down With Me Awhile: Homage
Sit Down With Me Awhile: Easter Bells