Tusk (LP)

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Dead C
Tusk (LP)

[ Ba Da Bing! / 2 LP ]

Release Date: Friday 18 August 2023

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How does one follow up one of the most immediately-revered noise rock releases of all time? Definitely not by spending ten times the money and time recording your next release and doing a bloated double album. Tusk, The Dead C record, is uncompromising and unrelenting. Here's a band enjoying more attention than ever before. They launch their new album with a long, ominous percussive rattle. Tusk digs into the thought bubble that formed via Sonne and White House, sharpens the edges and reveals some of their greatest broken progressions and vicious feedback. The band is at their performative peak staking their ground with an amp covered in dirt.

Includes bonus track "There Is Something To Be Gained".


1. Plane
2. Head
3. Tuba
4. Half
5. Imaginary
6. Tusk
7. There Is Something To be Gained