Not Your Cupid

Not Your Cupid cover
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Erny Belle
Not Your Cupid

[ Flying Nun / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 10 November 2023

Auckland-based Erny Belle is a sweet enigma adorned by dark dreams, wild wonder, and spellbinding song. The musical veil of Ngāpuhi singer-songwriter Aimee Renata emerged onto the scene with a billowing aura of mystery but swiftly enamoured audiences with her heartful and haunting abstractions of life weaved into gorgeous composition.

Her meteoric rise in 2022 followed the independent release of critically acclaimed debut record Venus is Home with singles 'Burning Heaven' and 'Hellhole' paving the way for its summer twilight unveiling.

Hailing from a background and family steeped in the film world, Renata is a visual artist through and through, a detail that shines through the heavenly synesthesia of her sonic offerings. An actor before transitioning into costume design for eight years, it is no coincidence that poise and picture is a focal point for the music.

The gothic double entendre that Renata lyrically dances between emanate pensive, almost prayerful, album experiences; a depth is held steadfast by stunning vocal harmonies, tremolo-washed strings, lilting steel guitar and sitar, and beautifully catchy melodic writing.

"Belle moves so impressively effortlessly through her songs; swaying melodies that threaten to sink into background noise but swim back into one's consciousness in a sudden moment." - Rolling Stone


1. Bowman
2. Unchained
3. Pitt Stop
4. Crypto
5. Midnight Madness
6. Stay Golden
7. Inertia
8. C'est La Vie
9. Not Your Cupid