Underdressed At The Symphony (Blue Vinyl LP)

Underdressed At The Symphony (Blue Vinyl LP) cover
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Faye Webster
Underdressed At The Symphony (Blue Vinyl LP)

[ Secretly Canadia / LP ]

Release Date: Friday 1 March 2024

Late last year Faye Webster released two of the album singles, teasing the forthcoming project. "But Not Kiss" was a tension-filled first peek at the record. "It's damn near ecstatic in ambiguity, but it's not a song about indecision. Webster knows exactly what she wants, and what she doesn't want; it just so happens that in doing so she ends up in yet another liminal space," said The Fader. She followed it up with the meditative "Lifetime". Both songs explore the rarely mapped territory of emotional intimacy, where desire and passion are in conflict with comfort, understanding and even platonic love.

These themes are found throughout Underdressed at the Symphony, alongside hyper-specific imagery that paints a picture of Webster's life, like her eBay Purchase history ("eBay Purchase History") or the physical objects she covets ("Lego Ring"). All of these uniquely Faye thoughts are wrapped in the warm glow of her otherworldly vocals, ever present pedal steel and her cinematic and sweeping string arrangements but also more unpredictable elements like vocoder can be found on the new album.

"Her music defies genre and convention," said Vulture last year. "Over the course of four albums, her sound has come to contain both pedal steel and indie rock as well as soft vocals and R&B sensibilities, all the while embodying the city of Atlanta."


1. Thinking About You
2. But Not Kiss
3. Wanna Quit All the Time
4. Lego Ring (ft. Lil Yachty)
5. Feeling Good Today
6. Lifetime
7. He Loves Me Yeah!
8. ebay Purchase History
9. Underdressed at the Symphony
10. Tttttime

But Not Kiss