Max Waldron - Four Classic Albums (Speakin' My Piece / On The Spur of the Moment / Us Three / Headin' South)

Max Waldron - Four Classic Albums (Speakin' My Piece / On The Spur of the Moment / Us Three / Headin' South) cover $25.00 Low Stock add to cart more by this artist

Max Waldron
Max Waldron - Four Classic Albums (Speakin' My Piece / On The Spur of the Moment / Us Three / Headin' South)

[ Avid Jazz / 2 CD ]

Release Date: Friday 8 March 2024

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AVID Jazz continues with its Four Classic Albums series with a re-mastered 2CD release from Mal Waldon, complete with original artwork, liner notes and personnel details.

"Mal 2"; "Left Alone"; "Mal 1" and "Mal 4".
Although possibly best known as a fine composer and arranger, Mal Waldron, born New York City in 1925 started his musical career playing alto sax until he ran into a guy they called "Bird" and smartly changed over to the piano! Incredibly Mal had over 100 albums released under his own name during his long career and featured in countless more as composer, arranger and pianist. His name has probably appeared on more albums in the extensive AVID Jazz catalogue than any other musician! It would probably take less time and space to name the musicians Mal hasn't played with than has! In 1956 he was recommended by Jackie McLean to take the chair as house pianist for the famed Prestige label. Here he would play alongside everyone from Coltrane, McLean, Burrell to Charles Mingus, Eric Dolphy and all points in between. You can hear one of his best known compositions on the rousing 17+ minute Soul Eyes on our release Bobby Jaspar: Interplay For 2 Trumpets & 2 Tenors (AMSC1237), where you will witness Jaspar sparring with none other than the mighty John Coltrane. However perhaps even more jazz fans may be familiar with Mal's work as pianist and arranger for the legendary Billie Holiday (AMSC1329) between April 1957 up to her tragic early death in 1959. He would later take up the same position for the amazing vocalist Miss Abbey Lincoln (AMSC1302). For our four classic titles we have checked in with Mal in the late 1950s and feature him in a Trio and Quintet and Quartet (McLean on one track) set up, as well as within a larger unit for the excellent Mal 2 which features not one but two classic horn-men, John Coltrane and Jackie McLean. As with all AVID releases, we hope you enjoy this classic set and check out our extensive catalogue for more great music across jazz, blues, r&b, country and many other musical genres.

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1-6: 'Mal 2'
1. From This Moment On
2. J.M's Dream Doll
3. The Way You Look Tonight
4. One By One
5. Don't Explain
6. Potpourri

7-11: 'Left Alone'
7. Left Alone
8. Catwalk
9. You Don't Know What Love Is
10. Minor Pulsation
11. Airegin

1-6: 'Mal 1'
1. Stablemates
2. Yesterdays
3. Transfiguration
4. Bud Study
5. Dee's Dilemma
6. Shome

7-13: 'Mal 4'
7. Splidium-Dow
8. Like Someone In Love
9. Get Happy
10. J.M's Dream Doll
11. Too Close For Comfort
12. By Myself
13. Love Span