"Woot!" is the Word (Limited Blue Vinyl LP w/ Comic & Sticker)

"Woot!" is the Word (Limited Blue Vinyl LP w/ Comic & Sticker) cover
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Ballon D'Essai
"Woot!" is the Word (Limited Blue Vinyl LP w/ Comic & Sticker)

[ Leather Jacket Records / Flying Nun / LP ]

Release Date: Friday 1 March 2024

Leather Jacket Records, in association with Flying Nun Records are proud to present Ballon D'Essai' - "Woot!" is the Word; the band's classic hits remastered and back on vinyl for the first time in 40 years. Teenage Music and Comix from the early daze of Flying Nun!

In the beginning it was 1981. Armageddon was due 1984. The world needed a Teenage Supergroup to lead the Revolt against everyone aged over 21!
1. Invent a Brand name for your Band.
2. Make Posters and Advertise yourselves.
3. Force Community Radio to play songs off your rehearsal cassette.
4. The Gigs start rolling in.
5. Find Experienced Sound Engineer with New Sound Engineering Tools so he can Experiment with Noise you provide them.
6. Sign up to New Independent Record Label (they foot the bill while you get groupies and argue amongst yourselves). Members can Leave or get Fired.
7. Find Replacement Parts
8. Record Another Record, Promote,Tour, Argue, Bitch, Fight.
9. Have a Very Messy Public Divorce, Piss-off Your Separate Ways or (Even Better!) Attain Legendary Status by Collectively Dying in Fatal Plane Crash on Tour.
"Thou and I are Too Wise to Woot Peaceably.'' Much Ado About Nothing
Act. V. Scn.II. To Woot, Alas, To Wit.


Peanut Butter Jar
War Effort
Artificial Romance
Armchair Tourist
Smash Crash
Guess Who's Coming For Dinner?
He Who Kills
Love Is Dead