Ohio Players (LP)

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The Black Keys
Ohio Players (LP)

[ Nonesuch / LP ]

Release Date: Friday 5 April 2024

The Black Keys' twelfth studio album, Ohio Players-a title inspired by the legendary Dayton, Ohio, funk band of the same name-features several collaborations between band mates Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney with various friends and colleagues, like Dan "The Automator" Nakamura, Beck, Noel Gallagher, Greg Kurstin, and others.

"We had this epiphany: 'We can call our friends to help us make music,'" Carney says. Auerbach adds, "No matter who we work with, it never feels like we're sacrificing who we are. It only feels like it adds some special flavor ... But when it came time to finish the album, it was just Pat and me."

While making Ohio Players, a title inspired by the legendary Dayton, OH funk band of the same name, The Black Keys were also DJing dance parties in cities around the world that they called "record hangs", spinning 45s from their own eclectic and growing collections. Mojo reports, 'The spirit of those parties infused the album's DNA. 'That's been the fun of it,' [says] Auerbach. 'Letting go a little bit.'"


1. This Is Nowhere
2. Don't Let Me Go
3. Beautiful People (Stay High)
4. On The Game
5. Only Love
6. Candy And Her Friends feat. Lil Noid
7. I Forgot To Be Your Lover
8. Please Me (Till I'm Satisfied)
9. You'll Pay
10. Paper Crown feat. Beck & Juicy J
11. Live Till I Die
12. Read Em And Weep
13. Fever Tree
14. Everytime You Leave