Spell Blanket (Collected Demos 2006-​2009) (LP)

Spell Blanket (Collected Demos 2006-​2009) (LP) cover
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Spell Blanket (Collected Demos 2006-​2009) (LP)

[ Warp Records / 2 LP ]

Release Date: Friday 3 May 2024

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Spell Blanket comprises songs and sketches drawn from Trish's extensive archive of 4-track tapes and MiniDiscs. The recordings lay the groundwork for what would have been Broadcast's fifth album, offering a window into Trish and James' creative process during the post-Tender Buttons period from 2006-2009.

Thirteen years after Trish Keenan's death, a collection of her demos, home recordings, and voice notes offers an intimate and at times heartbreaking look at her otherworldly genius.

In 1975, a time-traveling being from a distant but familiar realm left an indelible imprint on Trish Keenan's mind. The titular character from Sky, one of a crop of bizarre British sci-fi shows supposedly made for children in the '60s and '70s, speaks with a cold, eerie affect, his voice warped slightly by tight echo. When exercising his telepathic powers, Sky stares down the barrel of the camera, his eyes and splayed palm imbued with a crude chroma-key glow. James Cargill, who formed Broadcast with Keenan in 1995, spoke of Sky's deep influence on the band during a 2009 interview with XLR8R. He cited the show's cocoon of white noise and paranoid, spectral atmosphere as key building blocks to Broadcast's brand of retro-futurist psychedelia. In promotional photos, Keenan often emulated Sky, bathed in oversaturated colors and stretching her hand toward the viewer. She always seemed extemporal, as though her icy contralto and surrealist lyrics were beamed in from some far corner of time and space. When Keenan died of pneumonia in 2011, it was tragic not only for the sudden loss of a brilliant, exploratory musician, but because a portal to some other dimension had been permanently closed.

- Pitchfork


1 The Song Before The Song Comes Out
2 March Of The Fleas
3 Greater Than Joy
4 Mother Plays Games
5 My Marble Eye
6 Roses Red
7 Hip Bone To Hip Bone
8 Running Back To Me
9 I Blink You Blink
10 Infant Girl
11 I Run In Dreams
12 Luminous Image
13 A Little Light
14 Hairpin Memories
15 My Body
16 Follow The Light
17 Tunnel View
18 Where Are You?
19 Singing Game
20 I Want To Be Fine
21 The Games You Play
22 Grey Grey Skies
23 Puzzle
24 The Clock Is On Fire
25 Petal Alphabet
26 Tell Table
27 Fatherly Veil
28 Dream Power
29 Heartbeat
30 Call Sign
31 Crone Motion
32 Sleeping Bed
33 Join In Together
34 Colour In The Numbers
35 I Am The Bridge
36 Spirit House

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