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Back To Rhythm (LP) cover
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Akira Ishikawa
Back To Rhythm (LP)
[ Mr Bongo / LP - released 29/Mar/2019 ]
Ultra-rare jazz-funk/fusion album by Japanese drummer Akira Ishikawa. 'Back To Rhythm' was the final recording in Ishikawa's African-influenced period. He cut this record with his band 'Count Buffalos', featuring Kiyoshi Sugimoto, Takeru Muraoka,...
Playing The Room (LP) cover
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Avishai Cohen &Yonathan Avishai
Playing The Room (LP)
[ ECM / LP - released 6/Sep/2019 ]
Playing The Room bears testimony to the long musical friendship of Avishai Cohen and Yonathan Avishai. They began to explore jazz as teenagers in Tel Aviv, and have continued to play together over many years, with Yonathan making important...
Águia Não Come Mosca cover
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Águia Não Come Mosca
[ Mr Bongo / CD - released 7/Jun/2019 ]
A splendid Brazilian jazz-funk-fusion album from the legendary Azymuth, originally issued in 1977, is now available again! The music moves from mellow soulful moods, into screaming disco-jazz fusion, samba funk and synth boogie, and ends with a tough...
IV (LP) cover
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[ Innovative Leisure / LP - released 15/Jul/2016 ]
BADBADBADNOTGOOD is the talented young quartet of Matthew Tavares on keys, Chester Hansen on bass, Alex Sowinski on drums & Leland Whitty on saxophone. They formed and became inseparable friends at Humber College's Music Performance program in...
Poll Winners (180g LP) cover
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Barney Kessell / Shelly Manne / Ray Brown
Poll Winners (180g LP)
[ Jazz Wax / LP - released 9/Aug/2009 ]
If the picture of three grown men hanging onto giant, colored swirl sticks looks a bit odd, or if the title The Poll Winners seems a bit conceited, the music, nonetheless -- recorded in 1957 -- still sounds great in 2002. Besides, guitarist Barney...
Epistrophy (LP) cover
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Bill Frisell & Thomas Morgan
Epistrophy (LP)
[ ECM / 2 LP - released 12/Apr/2019 ]
Like their acclaimed ECM release Small Town of 2017 - which The Guardian called "wistful and mesmerizing… tonally ingenious and haunting" - Epistrophy by guitarist Bill Frisell and bassist Thomas Morgan was recorded at New York City's Village...
Paris Concert (2LP) cover
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Circle (Anthony Braxton, Chick Corea, David Holland, Barry Altschul)
Paris Concert (2LP)
[ ECM / 2 LP - released 30/Jun/2017 ]
Circle was a band on fire with creativity. Chick Corea and Dave Holland had just left Miles Davis's band, keen to explore all parameters of new music in an improvised context. Anthony Braxton, equally inspired by Stockhausen and Coltrane, brought in...
Coleman Hawkins Encounters Ben Webster (LP) cover
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Coleman Hawkins
Coleman Hawkins Encounters Ben Webster (LP)
[ Verve / LP - released 15/Mar/2019 ]
Two titans of the tenor collaborate on this landmark 1957 album, perfectly distilling their differing styles to produce a bona fide jazz classic.
The Girl In The Other Room (2LP) cover
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Diana Krall
The Girl In The Other Room (2LP)
[ Verve Records / 2 LP - released 22/Jul/2016 ]
Undoubtedly one of THE albums of 2004, 'The Girl In The Other Room' features fantastic covers of Tom Waits, Joni Mitchell, Mose Alison songs, plus originals co-written with her husband, Elvis Costello. WOW! Diana could have simply delivered...
Side By Side (LP) cover
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Batik (LP) cover
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Gabriele Poso
Batik (LP)
[ Soundway / LP - released 18/Oct/2019 ]
Future Afro-Latin jazz house from Italian master percussionist, multi-instrumentalist and composer Gabriele Poso. The entirely self-produced album features guest vocalists Nailah Porter, Nina Rodriguez, Quetzal Guerrero & Sofia Rollo. On 'Batik',...
Walking To New Orleans (LP) cover
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George Benson
Walking To New Orleans (LP)
[ ADA / Warner / LP - released 26/Apr/2019 ]
George Benson gets back to Americana basics on Walking to New Orleans, the jazz guitar legend's tribute to both piano-pounding hit machine Fats Domino and the original rock guitar hero and poet, Chuck Berry. Walking to New Orleans is Benson's...
Bay Of Rainbows (LP) cover
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Jakob Bro
Bay Of Rainbows (LP)
[ ECM / LP - released 5/Oct/2018 ]
"There is no hurry to this music, but there is great depth," observed London Jazz News about Danish guitarist Jakob Bro's trio with two kindred-spirit Americans: bassist Thomas Morgan and drummer Joey Baron. This poetically attuned group follows its...
In Praise Of Dreams (LP) cover
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Jan Garbarek
In Praise Of Dreams (LP)
[ ECM / LP - released 6/Jun/2019 ]
"In Praise of Dreams" - Jan Garbarek's first new album in six years - features two musicians with whom the great Norwegian saxophonist shares some history - American-Armenian violist Kim Kashkashian and African-French drummer Manu Katché. Garbarek,...
Blue Train (LP) cover
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John Coltrane
Blue Train (LP)
[ Blue Note / LP - released 4/Apr/2014 ]
From the Blue Note 75th Anniversary reissue series.
Blue World (LP) cover
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John Coltrane
Blue World (LP)
[ Verve / LP - released 8/Nov/2019 ]
Three weeks after recording his eighth Impulse! album, Crescent - and six months before he would commit to tape his universally-acknowledged magnum opus, A Love Supreme - John Coltrane arrived at 445 Sylvan Avenue, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, the...
Coltrane Plays The Blues (180g LP) cover
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John Coltrane
Coltrane Plays The Blues (180g LP)
[ Atlantic / LP - released 21/Jun/2010 ]
Coltrane's sessions for Atlantic in late October 1960 were prolific, yielding the material for My Favorite Things, Coltrane Plays the Blues, and Coltrane's Sound. My Favorite Things was destined to be the most remembered and influential of these, and
Coltrane's Sound (180g LP) cover
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John Coltrane
Coltrane's Sound (180g LP)
[ Rhino / LP - released 26/Jul/2010 ]
John Coltrane's overlooked masterpiece. Sublime jazz from the landmark sessions that produced My Favorite Things. "This is one of the most highly underrated entries in Coltrane's voluminous catalog...these recordings remain among Trane's finest."...
Giant Steps (LP) cover
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John Coltrane
Giant Steps (LP)
[ Atlantic Records / LP - released 29/Aug/2014 ]
History will undoubtedly enshrine this disc as a watershed the likes of which may never truly be appreciated. Giant Steps bore the double-edged sword of furthering the cause of the music as well as delivering it to an increasingly mainstream...
A Love Supreme (LP Re-issue on 180 Gram Vinyl) cover
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John Coltrane
A Love Supreme (LP Re-issue on 180 Gram Vinyl)
[ Impulse! Records / LP - released 23/Sep/2008 ]
Re-mastered and pressed on 180 gram vinyl, this LP record is an exact replica of the original 'Love Supreme' package.