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Tabla Diablo (LP) cover
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AJ Sharma
Tabla Diablo (LP)
[ Cocomuse / LP - released 13/Oct/2017 ]
Tabla Diablo - An assemblage of real life characters all dealing with death in their own way: Art Teachers, Outsiders, Rock-Gods, Poets, Prophets, Trees, Stars, Tortoise, Bar-Flies, Friends, Family, Cosmic Forces, Visionaries and the...
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Chaurasia: Yugal Bandi
[ Delos / CD ]
The Jungle Books cover
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The Jungle Books
Read by Madhav Sharma
[ Naxos Audiobooks / 3 CD - released 10/Mar/2000 ]
Kipling's tales of Mowgli and his exciting life in the Indian jungle have been loved by children and adults alike ever since their publication in 1895. Mowgli the 'man-cub' must learn to fend for himself against terrible foes like Shere Khan the...