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Love Over Gold cover
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Dire Straits
Love Over Gold
[ Vertigo Records / CD - released 7/Sep/1982 ]
This was the fourth album from Dire Straits, featuring superb pieces such as "Telegraph Road", the beautiful "Private Investigations" and lengthy "It Never Rains". Originally released in 1982 this re-issued version has been digitally re-mastered.
Communique cover
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Dire Straits
[ Vertigo Records / CD - released 7/Apr/1979 ]
This digitally re-mastered disc is a re-issue of the second Dire Straits album, which was originally released on LP in 1979. It features "Once Upon A Time In The West" and "Lady Writer", amongst several others.
Making Movies cover
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Dire Straits
Making Movies
[ Vertigo Records / CD - released 7/Nov/1980 ]
In 1980 Dire Straits released 'Making Movies', their third album, which includes "Tunnel Of Love" and "Romeo & Juliet". This re-issued CD has been digitally re-mastered.