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Chant Darling cover
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Lawrence Arabia
Chant Darling
[ Honorary Bedouin Records New Zealand / CD - released 9/Mar/2009 ]
This sophomore effort features the musical contributions of James Dansey & Daniel Ward (The Sneaks); Matt Eccles (Betchadupa); Liam Finn; Luke Buda & Sam Scott (Phoenix Foundation); Tom Watson (Cassette); Andy Watts (Hot Grits); John White (Mestar);...
Contra cover
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Vampire Weekend
[ XL Recordings / CD - released 11/Jan/2010 ]
Bustling with fresh ideas & immediately familiar; 'Contra' is heavily layered but taut & kinetic; it chews ravenously through sound palettes & rhythms, yet it's nimble & assured; it's still breezy, yet it smoulders with a newfound emotional heft....
On the Down and In cover
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2-6 weeks
Dictaphone Blues
On the Down and In
[ Issac Promotions New Zealand / CD - released 16/Apr/2009 ]
Memorable melodies, experimental washes, plinking pianos, screaming guitars, naughty bass lines, bells, whistles and 3 different drummers... All packed into the debut album from Auckland band, Dictaphone Blues.
Angles cover
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2-6 weeks
The Strokes
[ RCA Records / CD - released 21/Mar/2011 ]
The highly anticipated fourth album from The Strokes. 'Angles' features the lead single "Under Cover of Darkness".
Fragile Thing cover
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2-6 weeks
Tono and The Finance Company
Fragile Thing
[ LFL / CD - released 28/Jun/2010 ]
Singer/guitarist Anthonie Tonnon, bassist Chris Miller and drummer Andy Straight recorded their sophomore EP over four days in September 2009 with Tex Houston in Dunedin.