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Paper Airplane cover
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Alison Krauss & Union Station
Paper Airplane
[ Decca Music Group / CD - released 14/Apr/2011 ]
A truly breathtaking collection of 11 exquisite songs, 'Paper Airplane' is Krauss' first release since her 2007 multi-Grammy winning, internationally acclaimed collaboration with Robert Plant, 'Raising Sand'.
Chant Darling cover
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Lawrence Arabia
Chant Darling
[ Honorary Bedouin Records New Zealand / CD - released 9/Mar/2009 ]
This sophomore effort features the musical contributions of James Dansey & Daniel Ward (The Sneaks); Matt Eccles (Betchadupa); Liam Finn; Luke Buda & Sam Scott (Phoenix Foundation); Tom Watson (Cassette); Andy Watts (Hot Grits); John White (Mestar);...
Privateering (2CD) cover
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2-6 weeks
Mark Knopfler
Privateering (2CD)
[ Mercury Records U.K. / 2 CD - released 6/Sep/2012 ]
Legendary guitarist / singer / songwriter, Mark Knopfler presents 'Privateering', the seventh album of his solo career.
Electric Hawaii cover
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2-6 weeks
Electric Hawaii
[ Dark Summer Records / CD - released 1/Jun/2012 ]
After eight years fronting The Mint Chicks, Kody Nielson unveils a new project, Opossom, with the captivating album 'Electric Hawaii' - featuring Bic Runga.
Elastic Wasteland cover
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2-6 weeks
Elastic Wasteland
[ Round Trip Mars CD / CD - released 22/Nov/2012 ]
Though Elastic Wasteland may be Sean Donnelly's sixth album under the SJD umbrella, it is in many ways a record of firsts. For example it is the first time Sean has written, sung, played and produced very single note himself, even following through...