Weill: Dreigroschenoper [Threepenny Opera] (abridged version) with other songs by Weill & others

Weill: Dreigroschenoper [Threepenny Opera] (abridged version) with other songs by Weill & others cover $17.00 Low Stock add to cart

Weill: Dreigroschenoper [Threepenny Opera] (abridged version) with other songs by Weill & others
Kurt Gerron, Lotte Lenya, Willi Trenk-Trebitsch / Lewis Ruth Band, Theo Mackebe / with Marlene Dietrich, Kurt Gerron, The Three Admirals & others

[ Warner Classics / CD ]

Release Date: Thursday 9 November 2017

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Die Dreigroschenoper - or Threepenny Opera - epitomises the heady, but turbulent years of the Weimar Republic. Bertolt Brecht's biting satire and Kurt Weill's insistent, insinuating melodies remain as compelling today as they were at the work's premiere in 1928. This landmark recording was made just two years later. Among its stars is Lotte Lenya, who had married Weill in 1926 and became synonymous with his music. This disc also features numbers from Brecht and Weill's Mahagonny and songs by their contemporaries - with the young Marlene Dietrich among the performers.

"I've been a three-penny freak ever since I was a hanger-on at a Stanford production 40 years ago directed by a Brecht associate from Berlin. It's wonderful to get the authentic original cast records. I really like the added Berlin Chansons, too. "Don't Goggle at that Tango Dancer, Keep Your Eyes on the Guy You Came with!" Or Marlene Dietrich, with "Jonny, When it's Your Birthday, I'll Be Your Guest for a Night.""


Kurt Weill / Bertolt Brecht:
Aus der Dreigroschenoper -
1. Ouvertüre und Moritat Von Mackie Messer
2. Seeräuberjenny
3. Kanonensong [Cannon Song]
4. Liebeslied
5. Barbara Song
6. Erstes Dreigroschen-Finale
7. Abschied
8. Zuhälterbassatle
9. Ballade Von Angenehmen Leben
10. Eifersuchtsduett
11. Zweites Dreigroschen-Finale
12. Lied Von Der Unzulänglichkeit des Menschlichen Strebens
13. Moritat und Schlusschoral
(Lotte Lenya, Theo Mackeben, Kurt Gerron & his Jazz Orchestra)

Kurt Weill / Bertolt Brecht:
Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny -
14. Wie Man Sich Bettet - Curt Bois
15. Alabama Song - Marlene Dietrich
(Lotte Lenja & the Three Admirals)

Rudolf Nelson:
16. Nachtgespenst
(Kurt Gerron)
17. Peter
(Marlene Dietrich)

Friedrich Hollaender:
18. Guck Doch Nicht Immer Nach Dem Tangogeiger Hin
19. Jonny
(Marlene Dietrich)

Wilhelm Grosz:
20. Vom Seemann Kuttel Daddeldu
(Kurt Gerron)

Kurt Weill / Bertolt Brecht:
21. Chant des Canons
22. Chant d'Amour
23. Tangoballade
24. Ballade de la Vie Agréable
(Albert Prejean, Jacques Henley, Margo Lion)

and more

Lotte Lenya Singing "Seeräuber Jenny" (Pirate Jenny)