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[ Jelly Deluxe New Zealand / CD ]

Release Date: Tuesday 4 May 2004

A unique NZ collection of music designed to provide a stimulating listening experience for babies & parents. Rhythms create a relaxed state, inspiring positive emotion & creativity.

BabyDub is a unique, inspired and aurally appealing collection of music designed to provide a stimulating listening experience for babies and their parents. Simple, fun and appealing to ears of all ages BabyDub will instantly change the way you think about music for babies.

Over the years, extensive clinical research has shown a clear connection between musical stimulation and the healthy development of babies and young children, with positive results even detected through exposure at a pre-natal stage. Until now the problem has been finding music that will stimulate baby without driving mum and dad batty!

BabyDub has been exclusively developed following market research, which showed a lack of innovative music products available to new parents and relatives.

This fabulous CD takes influences from the traditional reggae sounds of Jamaica. The rhythm of reggae, widely acknowledged as a beat similar to that of the human heart, creates a relaxed state, inspiring positive emotion and creativity.

The soothing pulse of BabyDub is designed for children in their early development (up to four years old) and adults to enjoy together. With its multicultural appeal, this is undoubtedly the most original baby music yet.

BabyDub's unique take on baby music will surprise, delight and inspire mothers, fathers, aunties, uncles, grannies, granddads, friends and loved ones and the special little people in their lives.


1. Hello Baby
2. Incy Wincy
3. Calling from the Moon
4. Goodmorning Daddy
5. Baby Dub
6. Nature Dub
7. Laa Laa Laaa
8. Zoom
9. Water Baby
10. Animals Dub
11. Ants (feat. Ringa Rosey)
12. Sleepy Dub

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