Endangered Species

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Black Sun Empire
Endangered Species

[ Universal Music / 2 CD ]

Release Date: Thursday 15 November 2007

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Black Sun Empire are from Holland and represent the finest in dark + techy dancefloor drum & bass. Since bursting onto the scene back in 2000, they've continued to develop their own unique style, as evident here on 'Endangered Species'.

'Endangered Species' is the long awaited third album from Black Sun Empire. A cunning combination of the Dutch trio's own productions, collaborations and remixes alongside guest appearances from Noisia, D.Kay, SKC, State of Mind, Optiv, Jade, Bad Robot, Cooh, X'Plorer, Audio and Munk.

Hitting hard across a vinyl EP series and two huge CDs (one unmixed and the second expertly blended by Black Sun Empire themselves), 'Endangered Species' is their most ambitious project yet, and it does not disappoint.

Taking all of the energy and raw power that sets their outstanding DJ performances apart from the crowd, Black Sun Empire distil that sheer dancefloor killing clout into two discs of pure drum & bass madness. Expect plenty of breakneck speed beats and rib crushing basslines liberally sprinkled with enough Techno influences to satisfy any electronic music fan.


Disc 1 :-
1. Black Sun Empire -- Potemkin
2. Black Sun Empire -- The End of Me
3. Black Sun Empire & Chris.SU -- Skyrider
4. Bad Robot -- Forever
5. Jade -- Unexist
6. Noisia & Black Sun Empire -- Winter War
7. Optiv -- Brainworm
8. Black Sun Empire -- Are You There?
9. Black Sun Empire & State of Mind -- Red Velvet
10. Jade -- Acid Flood
11. Black Sun Empire -- Unfamiliar
12. Black Sun Empire -- The Cooler (Audio Remix)
13. Black Sun Empire & Noisia -- Lead Us

Disc 2 :- Mixed by Black Sun Empire)
1. Black Sun Empire -- Crash Bunny
2. Black Sun Empire -- Monologue
3. Black Sun Empire & Chris.SU -- Skyrider
4. X'Plorer -- Technology
5. Black Sun Empire -- Don't You (State of Mind Remix)
6. State Of Mind -- Real McCoy (BSE Remix)
7. Noisia & Black Sun Empire -- Winter War
8. Optiv -- Brainworm
9. Munk -- Ferocity
10. D.Kay & Black Sun Empire -- Bullet in the Head
11. Black Sun Empire -- Stasis (State of Mind Remix)
12. Bad Robot -- Forever
13. Jade -- Acid Flood
14. SKC -- Spacepigs (BSE Remix)
15. Black Sun Empire -- The Cooler (Audio Remix)
16. Black Sun Empire -- Unfamiliar
17. Jade -- Unexist
18. Black Sun Empire -- Potemkin
19. Black Sun Empire -- The End of Me
20. Black Sun Empire -- Are You There?
21. Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind -- Red Velvet
22. Cooh -- Armeny
23. Noisia & Black Sun Empire -- Lead Us