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Radar Bros.

[ Longtime Listener Records / CD ]

Release Date: Monday 7 April 2008

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'Auditorium' is an astonishingly engaging and confident recording - the product of a band finding comfort in themselves and their art, but never failing to challenge each other throughout the process.

Musically, 'Auditorium' follows in the Radar Bros tradition of complex yet wistful melodies that evoke the more melancholic side of the American consciousness. While they may very well bask in the hazy, lazy glow of the warm California sun, these songs are truly universal - filled with longing and desire, equal parts hope and despair. As a lyricist, Jim Putnam has always gravitated toward the natural world in telling his tales, but on this particular record he took a slightly different approach. The songs here are much less personal, and instead strive to provide a lens through which to view the life changing events shaping the world all around us.


1. When Cold Air Goes to Sleep
2. Warm Rising Sun
3. Happy Spirits
4. Hearts of Cows
5. On Nautilus
6. Hills of Stone
7. Lake Life
8. Watching Cows
9. Pomona
10. Dog Named Ohio
11. Brother Rabbit
12. Morning Bird