Passing By

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Passing By
NZTrio, Stephen de Pledge, Stroma New Music Ensemble, Kronos Quartet

[ Rattle Records / 2 CD ]

Release Date: Friday 8 May 2015

Passing By is a double album set of chamber works by one of our most revered and cherished composers, the inimitable Jack Body. With new recordings from NZTrio and Stephen De Pledge, recent recordings from Kronos Quartet, Del Sol Quartet, Stroma New Music Ensemble, New Music Works Ensemble, David Radzynski, and Ensemble Nomad, Passing By is a testament to the career of one of New Zealand's most inspired (and inspiring) artists.

"Rattle Records' tribute to Jack Body is a double album that embraces the staggering range of a composer who did so much for NZ music. You can hear his electroacoustic works, old and new, including the stutter-toccata of Sssteve; solo violin and cello pieces and top international musicians including Kronos Quartet who create cotton candy magic with Body's Arum Manis." Classical picks of 2015. William Dart



01 Fire in the Belly (7:05)
02 Pain in the Arse (8:55)
03 Nocturne (10:46)
Justine Cormack (violin)
Sarah Watkins (piano)
Ashley Brown (cello)
Produced by Wayne Laird
Recorded by Steve Garden, December 2014, Kenneth Myers Centre Auckland

Tribute to the Blues (21:12)
Movements 1 and 5, New Music Works Ensemble
Movements 2, 3 and 4, Stroma New Music Ensemble
04 Big Joe's Moan (4:32)
05 Penitentiary Blues (3:45)
06 John Lee's Pluck (2:50)
07 Chain Gang Chant (3:45)
08 Mary Lou's Dream (6:21)

09 Arum Manis (8:32)
Kronos Quartet
David Harrington (violin)
John Sherba (violin)
Hank Dutt (viola)
Jeffrey Zeigler (cello)
Produced and remixed by David Houstoun
Recorded by Radio New Zealand at the Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington, NZ March 11, 2013

10 Epicycle (13:17)
Del Sol Quartet
Kate Stenberg (violin)
Rick Shinozaki (violin)
Charlton Lee (viola)
Hannah Addario-Berry (cello)
Recorded at Skywalker Sound, a Lucasfilm Company, Marin County, California, October 2007.
First released in 2008 on OM 1016-2, republished with kind permission of Other Minds Records.


11 The Street Where I Live (4:06)
Stephen de Pledge (piano)
Pre-recorded text spoken by Jack Body
Produced by Wayne Laird
Recorded by Steve Garden, December 2014, Kenneth Myers Centre Auckland

12 Intimate History No.2: Sssteve (14:43)
Realised in the studios of the Visby International Centre for Composers, Gotland, April 2008

13 Caravan (5:51)
David Radzynski (violin), competitor in the 2013 Michael Hill Violin Competition
Recorded by Radio New Zealand, June 1 2013, Queenstown Memorial Centre.

14 Intimate History No.1: Yono (13:42)
Realised in the studios of IMEB, Bourges, France, June 2005

15 Aeolian Harp (5:12)
Alexander Ivashkin (cello)
Produced by Terence O'Neil-Joyce
Recorded by Wayne Laird
Previously released on by Ode Records, CD MANU 1543 (1998), republished with kind permission

16 Music dari Jalan (Music from the Street, 8:18)
Realised in the Electronic Music Studios of Victoria University of Wellington in 1974

17 Children's Games (1:50)
Nomad Ensemble