Lost Songs of St. Kilda

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Lost Songs of St. Kilda
Trevor Morrison (piano) / Scottish Festival Orchestra, James MacMillan

[ Decca / CD ]

Release Date: Wednesday 28 September 2016

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This is the incredible story of the Lost Songs of St Kilda. Nearly a century ago, the last 36 residents were evacuated from the most remote part of the British Isles, St Kilda, an isolated island off the beautiful and rugged western coast of Scotland.

Now, after 86 years, the music of St Kilda has been discovered, recorded in a Scottish care home by an elderly resident who was taught piano by a resident of St Kilda. Heard by the outside world for the first time these haunting melodies offer a last link to the so-called "Island on the Edge of the World".

Following the centuries-old tradition of folk music evolving as it is passed down from generation to generation, some of Scotland's foremost contemporary composers reimagine songs from the album.


1. Hirta
2. Soay
3. Boreray
4. Dun
5. Stac An Armin
6. Stac Lee
7. Levenish
8. Stac Dona
9. Soay (arr. Rebecca Dale)
10. Stac Lee - Dawn (arr. Craig Armstrong)
11. Stac Lee - Dusk (arr. Craig Armstrong)
12. Stac Dona (arr. Christopher Duncan)
13. Dun (arr. Francis Macdonald, vocals Julie Fowlis)
14. Hirta (arr. James Macmillan)