Blow: An Ode on the Death of Mr Henry Purcell & other works

Blow: An Ode on the Death of Mr Henry Purcell & other works cover
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Blow: An Ode on the Death of Mr Henry Purcell & other works
Samuel Boden (tenor), Thomas Walker (tenor) / Arcangelo, Jonathan Cohen (conductor)

[ Hyperion / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 29 September 2017

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An album of music for the connoisseur-of extraordinary singing as much as of the English Baroque. This wonderful recital ranges widely across Blow's vocal and instrumental music, Arcangelo again demonstrating their versatility in repertoire which will be a real discovery for many.

"For many, getting to know these pieces will be persuasion enough, but the performances complete the seduction with their expert playing and singing, vigorous but tastefully realised sense of style and - despite being mostly one-to-a-part - firmly shaped contours and effective illustrative touches...With a recording that is wonderfully clear and alive, everything seems to be going right for Jonathan Cohen at present." Gramophone Editor's Choice October 2017

"There is so much to enjoy in this superb collection of John Blow's odes and instrumental music: fine solo and ensemble singing, beautifully articulated strings, crisp and tangy theorbos, punchy baroque guitar, all driven by the abundantly talented Jonathan Cohen at the harpsichord and chamber organ." The Observer

"Duets for high tenor seem to have been something of a Blow speciality…and in Samuel Boden and Thomas Walker, director Jonathan Cohen has harnessed a quintessentially English sound whose lyricism fits the vocal writing like a glove…Throughout, the instrumental contribution is a joy; Cohen's direction a model of stylish empathy and suavely-negotiated gear changes." BBC Music Five Stars - Choral & Song Choice December 2017

BBC Music Award Finalist 2018 - Solo Vocal

"Purcell's premature death in 1695 inspired this masterpiece, sung exquisitely by Boden and Walker. Hardly less poignant is the birthday song for the eight-year-old William, son of Princess (later Queen) Anne, who died three years later" SundayTimes


Begin the Song! [22'08]
1 Overture [1'54]
2 Begin the Song! [2'33]
3 Bring gentlest thoughts, that into language glide [2'56]
4 Hark how the waken'd strings resound [3'05]
5 By harmony's entrancing power [2'32]
6 How dull were life [1'41]
7 Without the sweets of melody [2'31]
8 Music's the cordial of a troubled breast [3'38]
9 Come then, with tuneful breath and string [1'18]
10 Chaconne a 4 in G major [5'08]

An Ode on the Death of Mr Henry Purcell [19'50]
11 Mark how the lark and linnet sing [3'38]
12 But in the close of night [3'54]
13 So ceas'd the rival crew when Purcell came [2'43]
14 We beg not hell our Orpheus to restore[1'55]
15 The power of harmony too well they know [2'35]
16 The heavenly choir, who heard his notes [3'03]
17 Ye brethren of the lyre, and tuneful voice [2'02]
18 Ground in G minor [4'14]

The Nymphs of the wells [10'27]
19 The Nymphs of the wells [2'46]
20 But here comes a Druid and we must retire [2'09]
21 Blest be this morn, blest be the hand [4'12]
22 We Nymphs of the founts and we of the mounts [1'20]

Sonata in A major [5'43]
23 Slow [2'26]
24 [untitled] [1'12]
25 Brisk [2'05]

Dread Sir, the Prince of Light [8'52]
26 [Symphony] [1'53]
27 Dread Sir [1'22]
28 Let no disloyal cares his peace destroy [2'09]
29 This message we bring [3'28]

John Blow - An Ode on the Death of Mr Henry Purcell & other works - Arcangelo, Jonathan Cohen