Prokofiev For Two

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Prokofiev For Two
Martha Argerich (piano) Sergeri Babayan (piano)

[ Deutche Grammophon / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 30 March 2018

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Pianists Martha Argerich and Sergei Babayan have recorded these selections from Prokofiev's music for stage and screen in magnificent two-piano transcriptions by Babayan. Prokofiev for Two captures for posterity the sense of mutual inspiration felt by these kindred spirits, palpable in their live performances together. The album features Babayan's twelve-movement transcription of numbers from the ballet Romeo and Juliet and his seven-movement suite transcribed from Prokofiev's incidental music for Hamlet and Eugene Onegin, film score for The Queen of Spades and opera War and Peace.

"The skittering feet of the Morning Dance hit your ears like cinema verité and the succeeding Quarrel growls from grump to snarl just like a marital spat. You can't help feeling that these two have lived out every romantic drama in the Shakespearian playbook. And the tenderness of Morning Serenade has that post-coital illusion that all will be well ever after." Ludwig van Toronto

"After many successful performances of Prokofiev for Two around Europe, this recording is the crowning achievement. As one might expect from two refined pianists, their performance is riveting. The chemistry between Argerich and Babayan is perfect. They perform Prokofiev's works with exceptional stamina and with extreme attention for colours and dynamics. In this way, they accentuate the delicate side of his music, but especially its sharp colours." The Music Gala


12 Movements from Romeo & Juliet
1. Juliet's Death
2. Montagues And Capulets
3. Morning Dance
4. Quarrel
5. Gavotte
6. The Young Juliet - The Nurse And Romeo
7. Folk Dance
8. Dance With Mandolines )
9. Aubade
10. Dance Of Five Couples
11. Romeo And Juliet Before Departure
12. Death Of Tybalt (All Transcription For 2 Pianos By Sergei Babayan)

13. The Ghost Of Hamlet's Father (Transcription For 2 Pianos By Sergei Babayan)
14. Mazurka (Transcription For 2 Pianos By Sergei Babayan) [Eugene Onegin]
15. Polka (Transcription For 2 Pianos By Sergei Babayan) [Eugene Onegin]
16. Polonaise (Transcription For 2 Pianos By Sergei Babayan) [The Queen of Spades]
17. Waltz No.2 In C Sharp Minor (Transcription For 2 Pianos By Sergei Babayan)
18. Natasha's And Andrei's Valse (Transcription For 2 Pianos By Sergei Babayan) [War and Peace]
19. Idée fixe (Transcription For 2 Pianos By Sergei Babayan) [The Queen of Spades]

Prokofiev: Pushkin Waltzes, Op. 120 - Pushkin Waltz In C Sharp Minor [Transcription For 2 pianos]