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New Zealand Youth Choir

[ NZ Youth Choir / 2 CD ]

Release Date: Friday 6 December 2019

From Bruckner to Body, Mendelssohn to Mews, and Whitacre to Wehi to, this CD celebrates ensemble singing from the choral canon as much as the artistic voice of Aotearoa New Zealand's composers

The New Zealand Youth Choir was founded in 1979 and the first national choir for this age group in the world. A sound and indeed a unique choral culture was created and nurtured for choral singing in New Zealand through this national choir. Only four Music Directors over four decades have passed on the legacy from decade to decade while evolving the sound and responding to shifts in music, New Zealand culture and our communities' increasing diversity.

This album is an anthology, a historic record of this journey. From the very first concert in August 1979 in Upper Hutt to a 2019 live recording of a contemporary Maori waiata in Wellington, this is the musical story of our national youth choir and all the people who have sung in it, worked for it, funded and supported it and enjoyed it's music.

Recordings included in this album were made in London, Vancouver, Freising (Germany), Salt Lake City, Texas, and many fine venues around New Zealand.

Nearly 1,000 singers have been trained and sung in this choir. We salute all who have walked this path before us and the many who are still to come.

Waerenga a hika was recorded at the joint 60th and 40th anniversary concert with the National Youth Orchestra in Wellington. Der Tod das ist die kühle Nacht and Little Man in a Hurry were performed at St John's Smith Square in London on NZYC's 11th international tour. Steal Away is a live recording at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Wellington in 2013. Songs 5-8 are taken from the 30th anniversary concert at Wellington Town Hall in July 2009. O Salutaris Hostia and Cloudburst were recorded in 2005. Herr, erhöre meine Worte and Naseby were recorded for the CD Gaude/Rejoice in 2004. Ehre sei Gott in der Höhe and Lux Aeterna were performed live at the 20th anniversary concert in June 1999. Recorded for the CD Winds that Whisper were The Moon is Silently Singing and The Love Song of Rangipouri in 1998.

CD 2 starts with three songs (17-19) recorded on NYC's North America Tour in Texas, Salt Lake City and Vancouver in 1993. The following three songs (20-22) stem from a 1992 recording at St Michael's Catholic Church in Remuera. From the 10th anniversary concert in August 1989 come the songs Epitaph for Moonlight, Chichester Psalms Mvt. 3 Adonai Adonai and Kyrie & Heilig. Beata Virgo was recorded at Freising Cathedral in Germany, on NYC's international tour in July 1988. Ecce tu pulchra es was performed at Dunedin Cathedral in 1987. Iustorum Animae was recorded at Wellington Cathedral in 1985. NYC's founder Guy Jansen arranged and conducted this version of God Defend New Zealand in 1982. The 1981 National Youth Choir performed O Magnum Mysterium at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Auckland. From the inaugural concert of the first National Youth Choir comes the final song, Locus Iste. Conducted by Director Guy Jansen with guest conductor Peter Godfrey, the concert was held at the Upper Hutt Civic Hall on Friday 24th of August 1979.


CD 1 1994-2019

1 Waerenga-a-hika - Tuirina Wehi, arr. Robert Wiremu by 2017-2019 NZYC
2 Der Tod das ist die kühle Nacht - Peter Cornelius by 2014-2016 NZYC
3 Little Man in a Hurry Eric Whitacre by 2014-2016 NZYC
4 Steal Away Michael Tippet by 2011-2013 NZYC
5 Te iwi e Wehi Whanau by 2008-2010 NZYC
6 Lay a Garland Robert Pearsall by 2008-2010 NZYC
7 Otche nash Alfred Schnittke by 2008-2010 NZYC
8 Jesus Gjor Meg Stille Grete Pederson & Sondre Bratland by 2008-2010 NZYC
9 O Salutaris Hostia Gioachino Rossini by 2005-2007 NZYC
10 Cloudburst Eric Whitacre 2005-2007 NZYC
11 Herr, erhöre meine Worte from Drei Motetten Georg Schumann by 2002-2004 NZYC*
12 Naseby Anna Griffiths by 2002-2004 NZYC*
13 Ehre sei Gott in der Höhe Felix Mendelssohn by 1997-1999 NZYC
14 Lux Aeterna David Hamilton by 1997-1999 NZYC
15 The Moon is Silently Singing David Hamilton by 1994-1996 NZYC*
16 The Love Song of Rangipouri Douglas Mews by 1994-1996 NZYC*

CD 2 1979-1993

17 Oreti Beach David Griffiths by 1991-1993 NZYC
18 On Mt Iron David Griffiths by 1991-1993 NZYC
19 Beata Es Virgo Vincenzo Ugolini by 1991-1993 NZYC
20 Carol to St Stephen Jack Body by 1991-1993 NZYC
21 Ghosts, Fire, Water Douglas Mews by 1991-1993 NZYC
22 Shenandoah arr. James Erb by 1991-1993 NZYC
23 Epitaph for Moonlight Murray Schafer by 1989-1990 NZYC
24 Chichester Psalms Mvt. 3 Adonai Adonai Leonard Bernstein by 1989-1990 NZYC
25 Kyrie & Heilig Felix Mendelssohn by 1989-1990 NZYC
26 Beata Virgo David Griffiths by 1986-1988 NZYC
27 Ecce tu pulchra es Peter Phillips (ed. John Steel) by 1986-1988 NZYC
28 Iustorum Animae William Byrd by 1983-1985 NZYC
29 God Defend New Zealand arr. Guy Jansen by 1981-1982 NZYC
30 O Magnum Mysterium Giovanni Gabrieli by 1981-1982 NZYC
31 Locus Iste Anton Bruckner by 1979-1980 NZYC

*recorded by and included thanks to the generous permission of HRL Morrison Music Trust
**recorded by and included thanks to the generous permission of Ode Record Company Limited

Waerenga-a-Hika - Tuirina Wehi arr. Robert Wiremu