Oblong 20.5

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Miho Wada
Oblong 20.5

[ Miho Wada / CD ]

Release Date: Sunday 12 April 2020

"It has been ten years since I started this journey to create my own sound and compose original music. Happy Anniversary! During the past year my music making was heavily influenced by my son who was four years old and utterly determined to make this world a cleaner, better place. He requested a basket on his balance bike, then his bicycle (with a cloth cover) so that he could pick up rubbish everywhere he went and it wouldn't fly away again. He was so worried about the earth being filled with trash that we sometimes came home from our daily dog walks with bags and bags of rubbish from the parks and streets. How amazing would the world be if everyone cared as much about the environment they lived in? We also studied sustainability and all sorts of global issues, to the extent that my husband Pascal (the violinist) ended up installing solar panels on the roof of our house!

I guess in a way this is my first ever political album! Through my music I have tried to tackle issues big and small; from the neighbours feeding cats to ocean pollution to rainforest destruction to global warming. I used to feel powerless and didn't believe that individuals like me could make any impact on global issues (other than recycling and the usual bits), but seeing my son's determination to tirelessly clean up our neighbourhood, I feel hope for a brighter future. It all starts with a small change. I hope my album can help spread this message of love and take a step towards caring for a healthier earth."

With love and kindness,
Miho, 2020


1. Oblong 20.5
2. Once Gone
3. Political Lullaby
4. Big Ocean Of...
5. Towards the Sun
6. Everything You Hide
7. Before Too Late
8. Hope
9. A Rock with No Name

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