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Oblong 20.5 cover
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Miho Wada
Oblong 20.5
[ Miho Wada / CD - due 12/Apr/2020 ]
"It has been ten years since I started this journey to create my own sound and compose original music. Happy Anniversary! During the past year my music making was heavily influenced by my son who was four years old and utterly determined to make this...
Accidental Journey cover
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Miho Wada
Accidental Journey
[ Miho Wada / CD - released 9/Mar/2018 ]
Discover Miho Wada's expanded instrumental line up and latest music in her fantastic new album "Accidental Journey". Miho's 7th album was a lucky event after an accidental journey to the hospital in 2016. The impact of her near death experience lead...
Miho's Jazz Orchestra Live At The Lab cover
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Miho Wada
Miho's Jazz Orchestra Live At The Lab
[ Miho Wada / 2 CD - released 30/Nov/2014 ]
"Miho's Jazz Orchestra" is a dynamic jazz ensemble based in Auckland. The group was formed in winter 2011, purposefully combining established musicians from a variety of different genres. Their inaugural performance celebrated the launch of her score...
Bumpy Road cover
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Miho Wada
Bumpy Road
[ CD - released 11/Dec/2015 ]
Entirely in synch with MJO's fun-loving energy and humour, this album was written while touring with Miho's baby bump, and recorded during the lead up to the baby's arrival. The ultimate tour diary to motherhood, Bumpy Road introduces the fresh...
Mystery Banana cover
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Miho Wada
Mystery Banana
[ Miho Wada / CD - released 1/Apr/2015 ]