dvd classifications

Guide to Video Classifications

These are the classifications / ratings for video titles released, or re-released, after 30 September 1994.
(Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act 1993)

GSuitable for General Audiences
TBRTo Be Rated
PGParental Guidance recommended for younger viewers.
PG-CContains crime.
PG-VContains violence.
PG-LContains coarse language.
PG-SContains sexual references.
PG-LLVContains low level violence.
PG-LLLContains low offensive language.
PG-WFContains war footage.
MSuitable for mature audiences 15 years and over.
M-HContains horror scenes.
M-LContains offensive language.
M-VContains violence.
M-SContains sex scenes.
M-VLContains violence and offensive language.
M-VLSContains violence, offensive language and sex scenes.
M-VSContains violence and sex scenes.
M-LLVContains low level violence.
M-LLLContains low level offensive language.
OLContains offensive language
Restricted RPRestricted to persons 16 years and over unless accompanied by a parent/guardian.
RP16-LSContains offensive language and sex scenes.
RP16VLContains violence and offensive language.
Restricted 16Restricted to persons 16 years and over.
R16No notes.
R16-VContains violence.
R16-LContains offensive language.
R16-VSContains violence and sex scenes.
R16-VLSContains violence, offensive language and sex scenes.
Restricted 18Restricted to persons 18 years and over.
R18-VContains violence.
R18-VLContains violence and offensive language.
R18-VSContains violence and sex scenes.
R18-GVContains graphic violence.

Please note: The ratings logo that appears for dvd titles is intended as a guideline only and does not contain detailed information as to the nature of the rating - for detailed ratings info please see the text beneath the dvd title.